Fate/Apocrypha takes area in an alternative timeline from Fate/staynight. In the Third Divine Grail War, Darnic Prestone Yggdmillenniasteals the Greater Grail, smuggling it to Romania. Sixty years later,the Yggdcenturies clan declare battle upon the Mage’s Association in theGreater Grail War, pitting two groups of Servants against one another.Jeanne d’Arc is summoned as the mediating Ruler-course in the HolyGrail battle.

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Later on throughout the war two leader form servants, Jeanne d"Arc and Shirou Kotomine, are revealed as the strongest servants it seems, or at leastern the most respected amongst their corresponding teams of servants. What are the specific benefits of ruler-kind servants over the various other servants in a Divine Grail War?


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One of their main abilities is the ability to know a Servant"s True Name and all their skills. in Divine Grail Wars choose the Fuyuki, Trifas and also Moon Cell ones were knowing a Servants identity enables a Master a greater advantage in discovering their weaknesses, tright here are boundaries to this skill which are displayed through both Jeanne and Amakusa

True Name Discernment (B Rank): When summoned as a Ruler, standing information such as the true identity, Skill and also Parameters is instantly revealed as soon as she straight encounters a Servant. However Servants with hiding capacity depend on her luck level to bypass this.

Source: Jeanne d"Arc (Ruler) > Abilities > Class Skills

True Name Discernment (B Rank): As a Ruler class, he gains this skill. Status information such as the true identity, Skill and Parameters is immediately revealed when he straight encounters Servant. Tright here are specific borders, Servants through hiding capacity such as Saber of Red"s Noble Phantasm Secret of Pedigree deserve to mask out her identity, but it counts on his luck level to bypass this.

Source: Amakusa Shirou Tokisada (Ruler) > Abilities > Class Skills

as stated through both Mordred"s Helmet, "Secret of Pedigree" hides her identification from them and also calls for a Luck check which Jeanne"s being Rank C and also Amakusa"s being Rank B. it"s possible that B+ to EX can be able to negate Mordred"s Nobel Phantasm however quick skimming the Grand also Order Rulers none have True Name Discernment.

Rulers additionally have actually the God"s Resolution Skill which permits them to have actually Command Spells. Jeanne"s being Rank A permits her 2 Command also Spells per Servant and also deserve to not repurpose used ones. also she can not affect Heroic Spirits if they have actually given up their existence as a Servant however remained in the world

When the namemuch less vampire formerly well-known as Lancer of Black and Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia abandoned his existence as a Servant, this skill was no longer able to restrain him.

Amakusa did have this skill in the previous however it is unranked bereason he has actually shed it with his Command Spells being his very own as being a Master and the ones that were offered to him by the various other Masters of Red, extremely most likely acting in a similar manner to a supervisor from the church choose Risei Kotomine

Finally Rulers additionally have a high Magic Resistance which is constantly an extremely wanted ability in the Holy Grail Wars via usually Sabers having actually the highest rank. Amakusa"s is at the equivalent to a string Saber"s while Jeanne"s is the greatest rank, yet Sacraments choose from the church are not impacted. we deserve to most likely take Amakusa"s Rank A as being the base as mainly Saints are what qualify to be Rulers but Amakusa was an aberration as a result of Einzbern Cheating while via Jeanne it"s most likely raised to EX bereason of that she is

In addition to the Magic Resistance of the Saber Class, she demonstprices a high anti-magic from her unwavering piety.

In addition to their class Skills, Rulers are intended to be neutral in the time of a problem via Amakusa most likely not being neutral as a result of exactly how he was summoned as the Grail mainly summons a Ruler, not a Master. they are also meant to make certain Heroic Spirits follow the regulations put upon them. ie "the dead not leading the living"

A Ruler is likewise summoned to keep the laws of Heroic Spirits to encertain they will not be violated, such as the law of "the dead not leading the living", touted as the greatest law of Heroic Spirits, and to maintain huguy background by keeping the illusion behind the Period of Gods so that people carry out not recognize about the fact behind it.

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Source: Ruler (2nd Paragraph)

while it was release a lot earlier, a probable factor why no Ruler is summoned to sheight Gilgamesh or Angra Mainyu in Fate/Zero and also Fate/Stay Night is probably because of the damages caused to the Greater Grail and also the system thanks to the Einzbern summoning Angra Mainyu who contaminated the Greater Grail given that the third war.

i will include that the wiki lists Karl der Große as having actually God"s Resolution and also True Name Discernment but his wiki web page just lists their ranks and also not what they impacts are and not having actually played Fate/Extella yet i don"t have first hand also understanding what their results are, but they are at a reduced level so we deserve to assume they are not as powerful

Also as stated by Swimsuit Martha who is a Grand Order Ruler, the Grand Order has actually transformed the Ruler Class

“It is meant that I have it, but… seeing that it is not a Holy Grail War, what I know is that even the duty of a Ruler has actually pertained to be changed in due course, execute you not think so?”

this would explain why as soon as you look at the Rulers noted as being in Fate/Grand also Order none of them seem to have actually God"s Resolution and also True Name Discernment