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If you manage the line of scrimmage you manage the game. The is why talent in the backfield is an important to the success that every franchise in the NFL.

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Here room the peak 5 RB player ratings in Madden NFL 17.

Bell is an every down ago with enough explosiveness to do defenses respect his huge play potential. His 99 carry rating will allow him to it is in the Steelers security blanket all season long. Take benefit of his 71 record rating and get the round to the on displays where he deserve to make defenders miss out on in the open field with his 97 juke move rating.

Peterson deserve to run around you or with you and can pat all three downs because that the Vikings offense. Use his 93 stiff eight rating in the open field to rest tackles native opposing defenders. Through 88 strength Peterson will certainly run over defenders, however can additionally dance approximately them with his 93 agility rating.

At the begin of the Madden NFL 16 season Martin was a 78 overall. In Madden NFL 17 he has actually jumped to the 3rd best overall running earlier in the game. Boy name won"t win a foot race versus anyone, but he will certainly run through them. Make use of him ~ above north south runs fairly than tosses and also pitches.

Charles" 72 capture rating is amongst the league’s ideal at his position and also rivals part receivers in the game. Gain him the ball in an are to take benefit of his 91 speed. That is best when he have the right to utilize his 92 turn move and also 95 juke move to make defenders miss.

Miller is a brand-new addition to the top echelon that Madden NFL running backs this season. That is also one the the fastest to run backs in Madden NFL 17 v 93 speed. Gain Miller in the open up field and also utilize his 92 juke relocate to fake the end defenders.


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Tennessee Titans are searching for some credit transaction for beating the Chiefs. While thumper Jalston Fowler continues to show he’s one of the best.
New York Giants have beaten the ideal team in the NFL twice. While huge man Damon Harrison proceeds to fight for his ideal to protective supremacy.

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Kansas City Chiefs continue to fight for the #1 clues in the AFC West. While Eric Berry proceeds to fight his case for defensive MVP.