Since that is inception, the FIFA world Cup has always been kind enough to administer us through unforgettable memories. 

As we edge closer and also closer come the 2018 edition, we determined to take a tiny time out and honour the strikes the left the the opposite dazed and also confused. 

Here space the 5 faster strikes in the tournament"s history:


The last iteration of the civilization Cup not just rewarded us with a plethora of goals, it likewise gave united state the fifth-fastest score scored in the tournament"s history.

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Against Ghana, the United claims of America"s Clint Dempsey found himself in room inside the Ghana punish area. He launched a left-footed shot to placed his team ahead after simply 29 seconds that play.


Playing in midfield, the Manchester unified legend to be a sensation because that his nation as well. In the 1982 people Cup, he uncovered himself in the record books for scoring ~ 27 seconds of play against France.

It to be the third-fastest goal in civilization Cup finals background at that point and that milestone stood for twenty years (until 2002) once Hakan Sukur videotaped the fastest goal in the tournament"s history. 


An elite exterior right, ernst Lehner was among Germany"s finest talents. In the 1934 people Cup, he became the fastest scorer after ~ finding the back of the net after just 25 seconds that play versus Austria. 

He to be termed together the ideal non-professional player in Europe and also went on to stand for his country in two civilization Cups - 1934 and 1938. 


The Czechoslovakia striker might not be a civilization Cup sensation on a larger scale, yet he certainly ended up being one as soon as he discovered the earlier of the net versus Mexico after simply 16 seconds of beat in the 1962 people Cup.

The Czech ended the tournament together runners-up, losing to Brazil in the final, yet Masek"s score is tho the 2nd fastest goal ever scored in the history of the FIFA world Cup.

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The Turkey worldwide lit up the 2002 people Cup, scoring just 11 seconds after kickoff against South Korea. 

The legend footballer"s solitary score in the 2002 people Cup come in the 3-2 win in the third-place play-off versus South Korea as soon as he uncovered the back of the network in simply 10.8 seconds

Despite playing just one civilization Cup during his long career, Hakan Sukur guarantee his name would forever be remembered through his goal against Korea.