Far Cry 5 Shipwreck is a puzzle you need to solve within the Henbane river region.It"s one of plenty of Prepper Stash areas you"ll find throughout the game, all giving you rewards once you solve and figure out how to access them.

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Shipwreck solution

Location:Tanami Residence

Rewards: $1,000, 3 x perk magazines

For this Prepper Stash you"ll have to head the solitary isle that the Tanami Residence. Friend can uncover this location in in between Joseph"s big island and also the Whitetail hills Rail leg (you"ll it is in straddling the border between Henbane River and the Whitetail Mountains).

You"ll know you"re in the ideal place since there"s a wrecked watercraft on the shore and a cabin just up the path.

Head towards the prior of said cabin to discover the Prepper Stash clue. Currently turn around and also head back down the boat. Look for a little opening just listed below the waterline top top the boat"s right-hand side (when looking in ~ it from the shore).

Jump into the water and swim within the opening. Swim with the wreckage, swim to the right, then swim up the sunken stairs till you breach the surface.

Turn right and also you"ll get in the wrecked hull that the boat. Collection the bag of loot on the various other side the the room climate ascend the ladder to the top. Rotate left, head down the stairs and also you"ll get in the cabin.

Flip the switch in former of you and also you"ll activate the dredger outside. This will certainly rip a method into the side of the island. Jump v the window, down on the arm of the dredge and enter the water. Swim under the water and also emerge within a little cave.

Climb out, turn left and drop down into the next pool and swim down through a much longer underwater tunnel. As soon as you watch a blue grapple wire look up and you"ll view a flower door. Press it open and climb out. You"re currently inside a bunker.

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Watch the end for a rattlesnake simply inside the doorway to the right of the locked door. Once it"s dead, you"ll uncover all the Prepper Stash gear on the table.

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