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Follow Facebook | TwitterNFL training camps are going strong as teams begin to do their way into the preseason. That a time for players and also coaches to sharpen their skills in preparation for the upcoming season. It’s also a time because that fans to keep track of which football player they may want to breeze in their fantasy football leagues and also which players they want to avoid.

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Over the next few weeks we’re walking to assist get you all set for your fantasy football bilder by ranking the height players at each position and also giving part hints as to which players might be sleepers or busts in the upcoming season.

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Now the time to walk over the top 50 fantasy running backs because that the upcoming season.

1- Jamaal Charles

Last season was a difficult one because that Charles after he suffered a high fish eye sprain in week 2. He just missed one game but the Chiefs plainly lightened his workload so that he might remain in the lineup. Currently that he’s healthy, look for a large time bounce earlier season.

2- Le’Veon Bell

If no for gift suspended the an initial two games of the season, Bell would’ve to be number one on this list. He had an amazing sophomore season in 2014, racking increase 2,215 yards native scrimmage in the Steelers surprisingly potent offense. That fits well in attack coordinator Todd Halay’s zone-blocking scheme and is utilized plenty in the pass game.

3- Eddie Lacy

After stumbling out of the gate last season, Lacy picked up steam in main 4 and also never looked back. He finished the season averaging 4.6 yards every carry and also 10.2 yards every reception and has been one of the most continual fantasy to run backs end the last 2 years. Lacy also seems to carry out his ideal running when his team beginning the red zone, which the Packers high-powered offense must do lot of of.

4- Adrian Peterson

After playing simply one game in 2014, Peterson is as fresh together he’s ever before been entering a season and should come in with a large chip on his shoulder spring to comprise for his shed year. He’s likewise been amazingly continual during his career, placing up double-digit rushing touchdowns every year due to the fact that entering the league.

5- Marshawn Lynch

(Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

It seems every year people are just waiting because that Lynch’s manufacturing to decrease due come how hard he runs however he keeps coming earlier and doing his thing. He’s only missed one video game in the last 4 years and also that remained in 2011, and also he has topped 1,200 rushing yards and scored double-digit rushing touchdowns in each of those seasons.

6- Matt Forte

Despite having actually his worst rushing season due to the fact that 2009 last year (he averaged 3.9 yards every carry), Forte is a guy that is always on the field and a danger to make large plays. That was out there because that 92 percent that the Bears attack plays in 2014 and constantly plays a significant role in the happen game. He recorded a career-high 102 passes last season and also that tendency should proceed again this year.

7- C.J. Anderson

It took injuries come the an initial two to run backs on Denver’s depth chart for Anderson to gain his chance in week 10, yet boy-oh-boy the did prove his worth after that. Anderson racked increase 849 rushing yards and also caught 34 overcome while scoring a linked 10 touchdowns. He ended up scoring as numerous fantasy points as the next man on this list (LeSean McCoy) and could be in store for a huge breakout season in 2015.

8- LeSean McCoy

McCoy struggled critical season regardless of getting a similar amount the rushing attempts as he go the year before, but his real decrease came in the happen game. He recorded only 28 passes which is 24 much less than in 2013 and he regulated only 5 full touchdowns, cutting his complete from the vault year in half. A possibility of scenery can reinvigorate the 27-year-old as he now resides in Buffalo.

9- DeMarco Murray

Another man who is play for a brand-new team in 2015, Murray is coming off of a monster season in which the led the NFL in rushing. Now he’s in Philadelphia and also will it is in a main feature in the Eagles run-first, fast-paced offense. When his manufacturing is most likely to drop native a season ago, Murray have to still placed up solid numbers.

10- Jeremy Hill

After being handed the starting job in main 9 of critical year, Hill ended up being one that the league’s most fertile running backs. The topped 100 yards in five of the last nine main of the season and also will it is in a main feature in Hue Jackson’s run-heavy offense. This male could end up being one that the height scoring running backs in fantasy soccer this year.

11- Justin Forsett

One of the biggest surprises that 2014, Forsett led the NFL through his 5.4 yards per carry average. A major pass-catching hazard out that the backfield, he recorded 44 passes and also racked up 1,529 yards native scrimmage and also should be in keep for more of the same this year.

12- Alfred Morris

Morris has been just one of the NFL’s best rushers since coming right into the league but often it s okay undervalued due to his absence of receptions. Washington spent a very first round choose on a new right tackle and brought in a bill Callahan come coach the attack line for this reason Morris should have actually a little bit of an less complicated time in 2015. It’s difficult to neglect a man who averages over 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns a season.

13- note Ingram

Durability continues to be an worry for Ingram yet there is no denying that he’s the workhorse running ago on the Saints offense. He led the league in 2014 with eight carries from the one-yard line and will proceed to get the bulk of the tote both on early downs and in the red zone.

14- Lamar Miller

(Source: David Banks/Getty Images)

Miller quietly had actually a top-ten season in 2014 amongst fantasy running backs, eclipsing the 1,000 yard note for the an initial time in his career. Over there is no doubt the Miller will be the featured ago in however his lack of tote is a concern. He’s looked stronger and also quicker during training camp and could it is in poised because that a breakout season in’s ascending offense.

15- Melvin Gordon

The Chargers may lastly have discovered the next LaDainian Tomlinson once they drafted Melvin Gordon this year, college football’s many explosive rusher over the previous two years. He’s expected to it is in a three-down ago for mountain Diego in 2015.

16- Carlos Hyde

Now the number one earlier in mountain Francisco complying with the departure of frank Gore, Hyde has actually breakout potential in 2015. He is a difficult guy to lug down as result of his size and also running style yet could shed touches in the passing game to Reggie Bush. Hyde will do the bulk of the running between the tackles and in the red zone.

17- candid Gore

Gore has been among the much more consistent to run backs end the critical decade and also has landed himself in a great situation on the Colts offense. He’s overshadowed 1,000 yards rushing in every of the last 4 years and also will have plenty of opportunities to score top top a much an ext potent offense 보다 what he is been provided to in mountain Francisco.

18- Jonathan Stewart

With DeAngelo Williams no much longer in Carolina it’s ultimately Stewart’s time to shine. The knock on the is the health element as he’s been constantly injured throughout his career. Stewart has actually missed 20 gamings over the previous three seasons but the plus side of that is he doesn’t have actually a the majority of wear ~ above his tires. He averaged an superior 97.2 yards per game throughout the final five weeks of 2014, so the potential is certainly there.

19- Andre Ellington

(Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Ellington had a stormy year last season, lacking three games due to injury and playing ache the remainder of the time. Now healthy, he’s prepared to live up to the expectations the came v his 5.5 yards per lug average in 2013 however he’s most likely to shed some carries to rookie David Johnson. Ellington is also a threat to capture passes out of the backfield, pulling in 46 receptions critical season and also 39 the year before.

20- Arian Foster

I wasn’t certain where to location Foster due to his groin injury that forced surgery. If it’s likely that Foster i will not ~ return till at least Week 10, nothing has actually been collection in stone. The worked exceptionally hard throughout the offseason and also was poised for a huge 2015 but the injury comes to that have complied with him throughout his career involved fruition prior to the Texans play a single preseason game.

21- Joique Bell

Bell has frequently been overshadowed during his career however that i will not ~ be the instance at the start of this season. He is the number one back for Detroit however will fight Theo Riddick and also rookie Ameer Abdullah for carries.

22- Latavius Murray

Once the Raiders finally let that loose, Murray to be a beast in 2014. He averaged 5.2 yards per carry and also despite gift a bigger back he has blazing speed.

23- Todd Gurley

While it’s still not known when he’ll be ready for action following knee surgery, Gurley will certainly make an impact once he’s on the field. Save track of his status to finest decide once you room comfortable drafting him.

24- T.J. Yeldon

Yeldon is supposed to it is in a three-down back for the Jaguars but the team is tho going to battle on offense. He’ll gain plenty the touches and should rack up the yards.

25- Tevin Coleman

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After running for 2,036 yards because that Indiana throughout 2014 (on a damaged foot, psychic you), Coleman beginning his rookie season with large expectations. He has large play ability and lots of speed.

26- Giovani Bernard

Jeremy Hill will get much more carries than Bernard yet his capability to record the ball out the the backfield will obtain him plenty of snaps. One more guy with large play potential, young name will administer the most value in PPR leagues.

27- Joseph Randle

(Source: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Randle will fight Darren McFadden because that the starters duty on a Cowboys team that boasts perhaps the finest offensive line in the NFL. His mean of 6.7 yards per lug last season to be impressive, however the sample size was tiny as that only had actually 51 rushing attempts.

28- C.J. Spiller

It looks like Spiller will take over the duty previously hosted by Darren Sproles ~ above the potent Saints offense. A major asset in PPR leagues, Spiller will have actually plenty of opportunities to record the ball and also will have a few carries mixed in together well.

29- Rashad Jennings

As lengthy as he have the right to stay healthy, Jennings will gain the bulk of the carries for the Giants. When Shane Vereen will be provided in pass situations, it’s in between Jennings and Andre Williams as to who will get the goal line work.

30- LeGarrette Blount

Blount was currently suspended for Week 1 therefore the maintain camp MCL sprain he endured shouldn’t hurt his fantasy value. The Patriots are constantly a an enig when it pertains to running backs however after losing Shane Vereen and also Stevan Ridley to complimentary agency, Blount should obtain plenty of dead in 2015.

31- Isaiah Crowell

One the the pleasant rookie surprises that 2014, Crowell is a risky play as result of the timeshare in the Browns backfield. Carries will certainly be shared between Crowell, Terrance West and also rookie duke Johnson.

32- Ameer Abdullah

What Abdullah lacks in size he renders up for v explosiveness. A strong showing beforehand in the season can lead to an ext carries, in ~ the price of Joique Bell.

33- chris Ivory

Despite play in a crowded backfield in new York through Stevan Ridley, Zac Stacy and Bilal Powell, cream color should be the lead back for the Jets and also get the bulk of the carries.

34- Ryan Matthews

Playing behind DeMarco Murray will limit Matthews’ avenues but he’s a must-own handcuff for every Murray owners. Philadelphia has actually arguably the finest 1-2 punch backfield in the NFL.

35- Darren McFadden

McFadden’s career has actually been a disappointed so far however he has a chance to revolve things around in Dallas, where he should gain a opportunity to take the lead-back duties behind an amazing offensive line.

36- Shane Vereen

The Giants room hoping the Vereen can be their version of Darren Sproles. His value will be much greater in PPR leagues.

37- Tre Mason

Mason will begin the season together the Rams number one back, however just till Todd Gurley is healthy sufficient to play. His worth will take a major hit after ~ that.

38- Devonta Freeman

It’s likely that Freeman will certainly share carries v rookie Tevin Coleman yet he’ll it is in given avenues to shine, particularly on passing downs.

39- Doug Martin

With his effective 2012 rookie season currently a remote memory there isn’t much confidence in Martin however he’ll get a same shot at being the Bucs lead back. So will certainly Charles Sims, and also speaking the Sims…

40- Charles Sims

An fish eye injury kept Sims turn off the field for the an initial half the his rookie season in 2014 and he struggled after return to the lineup. He and also Doug martin will battle during the preseason to view who end up being the number one guy.

41- battle each other Johnson

Johnson to be a large time playmaker in college but the rookie will have to stand out in a Browns backfield that currently features Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West.

42- Reggie Bush

The work of shrub trying to it is in a featured earlier are long gone but he can still administer value as a happen catcher the end of the backfield, i beg your pardon is precisely what hell be law in san Francisco behind Carlos Hyde.

43- David Cobb

Cobb can be a diamond in the stormy in 2015. He has a an excellent chance at being the lead ago for the Titans, as just Bishop Sankey and also Shonn Greene stand in his method and no did much to admire last season.

44- Fred Jackson

LeSean McCoy’s arrival in Buffalo dealt a significant hit come Jackson’s fantasy value but he will still administer value in PPR leagues.

45- Terrance West

It will certainly be difficult to get carries in the Browns’ overfilled backfield however West looked good at times during 2014 despite playing top top an offense that struggled in a large way.

46- Bishop Sankey

There were high really hopes for Sankey throughout his rookie campaign in 2014 however he did tiny when given the opportunity. Now he will fight David Cobb and Shonn Greene because that touches.

47- Darren Sproles

Even though the Eagles lugged in DeMarco Murray and also Ryan Matthews, coach Chip Kelly maintains that Sproles’ will certainly still have a main function on the offense. Mean stats comparable to last season.

48- Knile Davis

Davis has a many talent however will play behind workhorse Jamaal Charles. He is a definite handcuff pickup because that Charles’ owner though.

49- DeAngelo Williams

For those who draft Le’Veon Bell, Williams is a should late-round pickup. Bell is rely the first two gamings of the season and Williams will certainly be the main guy before ending up being a handcuff.

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50- Andre Williams

Williams had an up-and-down rookie season while pour it until it is full in for Rashad Jennings and he’ll have a similar role in 2015.

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