"Family Guy" has actually been to run for 20 years at this stage so the shouldn"t come together a surprise that a entirety bunch the celebs and also guest stars have appeared on the show.

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"Family Guy" will certainly soon complete airing its seventeenth season top top Fox in the US and at that stage, it will have actually broadcast 329 episodes. Guest stars on the reflects over the previous two years have spanned musicians, actors and others from all over.

Here space some notorious appearances you could have forget about:


Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds showed up as himself in the season 10 episode "Stewie Goes for a Drive". This would"ve to be a few years prior to Reynolds launched to major stardom with "Deadpool". In the episode, Peter Griffin becomes suspicious that the gibbs is attracted to him.


Ricky Gervais

Best-known for "The Office", Gervais has come right into popularity again through the Netflix series "After Life". Like Reynolds, he appeared in season 10 the "Family Guy". His personality is a dolphin that outstays his welcome at the Griffin household.


Bryan Cranston

"Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston has showed up not once however twice ~ above "Family Guy". The first time was in a "Malcolm in the Middle" joke. The second appearance was in a live-action sequence referring to just how he it s okay awards for whatever (which that kinda does).


Anna Kendrick

Season 10 to be a biggie for guest stars as Anna Kendrick likewise featured. In the season finale, she dram Nora, a cop that Joe Swanson ends up embarking on a an enig affair with.


Cate Blanchett

Stewie finds a kindred soul in Penelope, a other infant bending on people destruction, that is voiced by Cate Blanchett.


Robert Downey Jr.

You may have actually forgotten that Tony distinguishable himself showed up on "Family Guy." Robert Downey Jr. Played Patrick Pewterschmidt, Lois" brother, in season 4 episode "The Fat male Strangler".


Tom Hiddleston & Sean Bean

Tom Hiddleston and Sean bean both cameo"d in the illustration "No country Club for Old Men". In among "Family Guy"s cutaway gags, bean plays the portrait that Peter Griffin"s ancestor when Hiddleston theatre the statue of Peter Griffin"s ancestor. Watch listed below if you"ve no idea what we"re on about.


Will Ferrell

A much earlier cameo appearance come in season three of "Family Guy", about the time once Will Ferrell starred in "Zoolander". He played the black Knight, that Peter idolises, in the animation.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp reprised his role as Edward Scissorhands for this "Family Guy" gag.


Justin Bieber

Yup, a yes, really young Justin Bieber make for an additional guest star ~ above "Family Guy" play himself. In the episode, Peter beats increase the musician after capturing him in a compromising place with his wife Lois.


Ariana Grande

You could"ve quickly missed this appearance indigenous Ariana Grande, that plays the one-line character of Italian daughter on season 12 episode "Mom"s the Word."


Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was fairly a regular, starring in eleven episodes of "Family Guy" before she passed away in 2016. She played Angela top top the show, that is Peter"s boss at the Pawtucket Brewery. As "Family Guy" fans room well conscious of, the creator the the man sitcom, Seth MacFarlane, is a massive "Star Wars" fan. In recent months, those behind the present paid tribute by having a funeral because that the character.


Ben Stiller

Fair play come Ben Stiller for going along with this one is every we have the right to say. Make certain to clock to the end.


Liam Neeson

And climate there was the class "Family Guy" episode through Liam Neeson. In it, Peter i do not care Neeson"s personal servant after ~ boasting he have the right to beat up the "Taken" actor, who threatens to take him on.

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