To gain accessibility to this Brotherhood of stole Quest, players must an initial complete the main Quest: Reunions, and likewise become a member the the Brotherhood of stole faction. In ~ the finish of act I, the shadow of Steel search will end up being available.

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This guide will help you take it the crucial steps to complete the Brotherhood of steel Quest: zero of Steel. For instructions on exactly how to join this faction, check out our guide on how to join the Brotherhood of stole faction before continuing through this quest walkthrough.

Listen to armed forces Frequency AF95

The Brotherhood of steel Quest: zero of steel becomes available upon completion of act I.

At the end of the key Quest: Reunions, players will emerge from fort Hagen to find a enormous airship flying overhead. If friend have currently been inducted as a member into the Brotherhood that Steel, you will currently be prompted to start the shadow of steel quest. Lug up her Pip-Boy and tune into Military Frequency AF95 in ~ the Radio tab to listen to the transmission.

Report to Paladin Danse

Fast-Travel to the Cambridge Police Station, and also speak with Paladin Danse. After a brief chat, he requests that you monitor him to the rooftop.

Board the Vertibird

There is a Vertibird aircraft ready for takeoff on the rooftop. After ~ Paladin Danse board the Vertibird, you space instructed to perform the same. Get situated behind the minigun turret and prepare because that a nice pilgrimage overlooking the Commonwealth. Throughout the flight, you are complimentary to open fire top top anything down below, including Raider encampments.

Attend the Debriefing

When you arrive at the Prydwen, hop under from the Vertibird and also follow Paladin Danse. Along the trip deck you will be introduced to Lancer-Captain Kells. ~ some brief dialogue between Danse and also Kells, Danse will certainly be dismissed to wait for further instructions.

Speak come Lancer-Captain Kells

If you have a high Charisma rank, shot to get much more info out of Cpt. Kells about the mission.

Once Paladin Danse leaves, girlfriend will have actually the chance to briefly comment on several topics v Lancer-Captain Kells. If your Charisma location is high enough, you have the right to attempt come pry Kells because that details around their mission. Girlfriend may additionally inquire around Elder Maxson, power Armor, and also your order if friend wish.

Attend Elder Maxson’s Address

fallout fans may recognise Elder Maxson from fallout 3. He\"s all grown up now!

After speaking with Lancer-Captain Kells, head to the Prydwen Command Deck v the doorway alongside the Brotherhood Knight. Approach the room straight ahead to to visit Elder Maxson’s address. Together you enter the room, Elder Maxson will begin to provide an motivating speech to numerous Brotherhood members. There’s fairly a bit of info in his speech regarding the Brotherhood’s present purpose and also objective.

Speak come Elder Maxson

When Elder Maxson is finished through his address, speak v Maxson and he will certainly promote you to the rank of Knight, regardless of her previous ranking. Maxson likewise has arranged to provide you a new suit of power Armor, which you can find in strength Armor station 03 on the main deck the the Prydwen.

Open Your an individual Storage Container (Miscellaneous Quest)

find this container in the lounge area over the main Deck to fulfill the various Quest.

After speaking with Elder Maxson, you are totally free to roam about the Prydwen come familiarize yourself through the airship. Prior to speaking through Danse, you have actually the alternative to open your personal storage container to accomplish a miscellaneous Quest. Take the ladder to the key Deck, and also head up one of the 2 staircases front that result in the lounge area. Situate your an individual storage container in ~ the foot of among the beds on the right, and accessibility its contents to complete the assorted Quest.

Report to Paladin Danse

On the main Deck, pass through the corridor come the dining area and also speak with Paladin Danse. ~ a brief discussion around Maxson, Paladin Danse will certainly become accessible as a Companion option. Select whether or not to bring along Danse together your Companion come conclude the Brotherhood of steel Quest: shadow of Steel.

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