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(Show Source): You have the right to put this equipment on your website! What you room asked to graph is the function:.f(x) = -3x - 2.To get it into a little an ext conventional form, replace f(x) by y to get:.y = -3x - 2.One means to graph this is to assign "convenient" values to x or y and determine the correspondingvalue that the other variable. Then plot the point. Two points will be enough to draw thisline graph, and also a third point can be a good idea ... Simply to make certain the 3 points every lie top top one straight line. If among the points is off the line, you recognize something is wrong..Let"s do an easy point ... Let"s assign x the value of zero. When x equals zero, the term-3x is equal to zero and therefore drops indigenous the equation. This to reduce the equation toy = -2. So when x = 0, then y = -2. This tells you the the suggest (0, -2) is on the graph.(Note that because x = 0, the suggest is at -2 ~ above the y-axis.).Although it is no as nice, mean we entrust y the worth of zero. If we do, the equationbecomes:.0 = -3x - 2.We can remove the -3x top top the best side by including +3x come both sides. The result ofthis addition is the it changes the equation to:.3x = -2.Then you can solve for x by separating both sides by 3 come get:.x = -2/3.This speak you that the suggest (-2/3, 0) is ~ above the graph. Keep in mind that this suggest is situated at-2/3 top top the x-axis because points that have actually zero together their y-value space on the x-axis..Finally, identify one an ext point. Go back to the initial equation:.y = -3x - 2.We have the right to pick any type of number because that x. Mean we permit x = -2. If us substitute -2 for x the equationbecomes:.y = -3(-2) - 2 = +6 - 2 = +4.This speak you that the allude (-2, +4) is likewise on the graph. Plot the three points top top acoordinate system and also draw a directly line through them.

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Your graph need to look prefer this:..You should have the ability to see native this graph that the 3 points we uncovered are every on this line..Hope this helps you to recognize one technique of determining the graph that a straight equation..