Global teams administer diversity if eliminating conflicts and also miscommunication.

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A residence of top quality is achieved when no department in a solitary location has more than 15 percent rejects.


Concurrent design is one more term for sequential development.


One of the main benefits of standardization is the it boosts the potential selection of products.


A disadvantage of standardization is the possibility of standardizing designs as well early, which may make them complicated to modify in the future.


Reducing consumer choices makes service more efficient.


Modular style increases the expenses of purchasing and also controlling inventory compared to nonmodular.


Product failures have the right to be simpler to remedy v modular design.


One motivation for an company to redesign the product or organization is to avoid the alternate of downsizing the organization.


A significant benefit the computer-aided style (CAD) is the enhanced productivity the designers.


Most of the moment what is called product or service style is in reality a redesign that an existing product or service.


A service blueprint is quite comparable to an architectural drawing.


The procedure of dismantling and inspecting a competitor’s product to uncover product innovation is called benchmarking.


To save money, that is important that developers revise the production capabilities to meet the demands of the brand-new products.


Many U.S. Manufacturers are now shifting their focus from commodities to both product and process improvements.


Applied research has actually the target of afford commercial applications for new ideas.


Basic research study is done with the expectation that discoveries will have near-term advertising application.


Design for production takes right into account the ability of the organization to develop or provide a provided product or service.


Consumers have tendency to withstand purchasing assets that contain recycled materials.


Concurrent design brings people came to with manufacturing into the design phase previously than in the "over-the-wall" approach.


Concurrent engineering method that at the very least two designers are affiliated in product design at the exact same time.


One method to expanding a product’s life cycle is come promote alternative uses the the product.


Quality function deployment is a structured method that guarantees that the highest-quality product or business will it is in designed.


Product liability means that a manufacturer is responsible for any kind of injuries or damages brought about by a faulty product because of negative workmanship or design.


The procedure of dismantling and also inspecting a competitor’s product to uncover improvements is dubbed reverse engineering.


Research and breakthrough (R&D) describes organized efforts that are directed toward enhancing scientific knowledge and product (or process) innovation.


Standardization describes the extent to which there is absence of variety in a product, service, or process.


Remanufacturing refers to removing some of the contents of old products and reusing lock in brand-new products.


The need for a product and the price of technological change have actually a far-ranging impact ~ above the size of a given phase that the product life cycle.


Robust architecture describes a product that will carry out satisfactorily so lengthy as that is provided in a an extremely narrow range of conditions


Taguchi design methods involve identify the optimal operation or environmental conditions for a offered product.


Quality function deployment (QFD) is based on a set of requirements which relate customer requirements to firm capabilities.


The quality duty deployment matrices are often referred to as the "house of quality" because, as soon as completed, they "house" all of the customer’s high quality requirements.


Service design often need to take into account the level of customer contact required.


Reliability refers to the ability of a product to carry out its intended role under regular conditions.


Applied research is the major R&D initiative of business organizations due to the fact that of your desire for commercial applications.


Commonality of components is advantageous for manufacturing but not because that services.


Standardization have the right to at times lead to serious difficulties and competitive struggles, an especially when systems space running under various conditions.


The term fail as applied to reliability way that a part or item does not function at all.


Reliability can be defined in terms of a particular point gradually or in terms of length of service


Reliability have the right to be improved by the usage of backup components.


Delayed differentiation and modular design are techniques for fixed customization


Which of the adhering to is the very least likely to result in product technologies that have near-term advertising application?

A. Procedure blueprinting

B. Development

C. Applied research

D. Quality duty deployment

E. Straightforward research


Which that the following is not among the 3 Rs?

A. Reuse

B. Reduce

C. Reposition

D. Recycle


Which of the complying with is an instance of a postponement tactic?

A. Mass customization

B. Standardization

C. Procedure mapping

D. Delay differentiation

E. Organization blueprinting


Which the the adhering to questions is least appropriate during worth analysis?

A. How deserve to we reduce the expense of parts?

B. How have the right to we improve the performance of the product?

C. How have the right to we combine more cultural values in the style of our worldwide system?

D. Have the right to we uncover a way to use less energy in the manufacturing of our product?

E. Could a given component in our product be simplified or an unified with another?


Which of these pairs of functions would often tend to be impacted most significantly by a product or service redesign?

A. Operations and also Accounting

B. Marketing and also Operations

C. Finance and also Human Resources

D. Engineering and also Accounting

E. Finance and also Engineering


Incorporating style for disassembly values in product architecture helps firms with ___________ architecture issues.

A. Legal

B. Social

C. Reuse

D. Turning back engineering

E. Reengineering


Designing for recycling help facilitate:

A. Lessened legal liability.

B. Compliance through regulatory environments.

C. Raised product reliability.

D. Diminished standardization costs.

E. Much better customer service.


One means to boost reliability is to:

A. Boost component design.

B. Boost the number of service stations.

C. Increase mean fix time.

D. Boost the variety of dependent components.

E. Reduce production capacity.


One means to increase reliability is to:

A. Eliminate backup components.

B. Enhance preventive maintain procedures.

C. Rise mean repair time.

D. Increase the variety of independent components.

E. Use a an international supply chain.


Which the the adhering to is no a reason for redesigning a product or service?

A. To reduce labor or material cost

B. To increase the level the employee satisfaction

C. To boost the level of customer satisfaction

D. Come attract and increase client demand

E. To increase quality


A disadvantage of worldwide teams because that product style is that:

A. Customers might have various needs in various countries.

B. The product design may have actually increased marketability and also utility.

C. The diversity the an international team might be a detriment.

D. Ease of face-to-face meetings is absent since members are located everywhere.

E. Technology allows constant contact v team members.


Mobile phones have evolved from devices intended to place and also receive phone calls right into handheld multimedia communications devices, yet in the eye of part customers these new features make the phones much less desirable. This is an example of:

A. Durable design.

B. Rise featurism.

C. Sustainable design.

D. Quality duty deployment.

E. Ingredient commonality.


One step that is not part of business blueprinting is:

A. Eliminate borders for the service and decide top top the level of interaction needed.

B. Identify and also determine the sequence of customer and also service actions and also interactions.

C. Construct time estimates for every phase the the process.

D. Understand the time variability involved.

E. Recognize potential failure points and develop a setup to minimize them.


The research and also development task which beginning after optimistic research results are easily accessible and do the efforts to rotate these results into beneficial commercial applications is:

A. An easy research.

B. Applied research.

C. Development.

D. Redesign.

E. Advertisement research.


Which of the following is no an advantage of standardization?

A. The opportunity to freeze design at a really early stage.

B. Fewer parts to resolve in inventory.

C. Diminished training cost and time.

D. Purchasing is more routine.

E. Inventory management is much less complex.


Products or solutions with a high degree of similarity of features and also components are called:

A. Generic.

B. Copy-cat.

C. Rip-offs.

D. Product families.

E. Product/service matrix.


Excitement features are categories in the _________ model.

A. Bipolar

B. Kano

C. Pareto

D. Quality

E. Business matrix


One feasible disadvantage the modular style is that:

A. Replacement and also repair are more difficult.

B. Fail diagnosis is more complex.

C. The number of configurations that modules decreases.

D. Individual parts shed their identities.

E. Inventory troubles arise.


In the area the product and also service design, the acronym CAD refers to:

A. Conceptually suitable design.

B. Computer-aided design.

C. Advertising applications design.

D. Competitive benefit design.

E. Fully automated design.


Which that the complying with statements about CAD is no true?

A. It boosts the performance of designers.

B. That uses computer graphics.

C. It needs a an excellent database.

D. Some systems permit design or cost analysis of proposed designs.

E. The is used effectively by all production companies.


Which one of the adhering to is no a element of successful product and service design?

A. Be aware of what the rivals are doing.

B. Be mindful of what client want.

C. Understand what government regulations are.

D. Use computerized design techniques.

E. Understand what new technologies space available.


64. A software agency is weighing even if it is to release a brand-new version of its software. The company can go ahead and release the version now and also correct flaws with subsequent patches or upgrades, or it have the right to wait until the brand-new version is reasonably bug-free. This is an instance of:

A. Life bicycle analysis.

B. Value analysis.

C. Vaporware.

D. Concurrent engineering.

E. Architecture for production. Vaporware is attractive from part perspectives however not native others.


The assessment of the environmental impact of a product or business throughout its useful life is called:

A. Flow diagramming.

B. Company blueprinting.

C. Quality role deployment.

D. Procedure mapping.

E. Life cycle analysis.


The process of dismantling and inspecting a competitor’s brand-new or amendment product because that the purpose of gleaning design ideas is called:

A. Design by imitation.

B. Product analysis.

C. Reverse engineering.

D. Benchmarking.

E. Disassembly.


The term "degrees the newness" is connected with:

A. Average age of employees.

B. Average size of time top top the job.

C. Full years of business experience.

D. Level of architecture change.

E. Average period of the funding equipment.


The ax "standardization" is closely linked with:

A. Customization.

B. High cost.

C. Longer lead times.

D. Variety.

E. Interchangeability.


Service design generally differs from product architecture in i beg your pardon of the adhering to ways?

A. Service architecture tends to emphasis on tangible factors.

B. Over there is much less latitude in detecting and correcting errors prior to delivery.

C. There is a lesser requirement to be aware of competitors’ offerings.

D. There is much less visibility to customers.

E. There is no difference.


The structural technique for integrating client requirements right into every aspect of product development is recognized as:

A. Full quality management.

B. Customer satisfaction.

C. Quality function deployment.

D. Customer integration.

E. A product advance team.


Making plans for how products that have actually reached the finish of their advantageous lives will certainly be faced is the main subject of:

A. Cradle-to-grave assessment.

B. End-of-life programs.

C. Life-cycle analysis.

D. Three R’s programs.

E. Procedure mapping.


One of this is not a characteristic of a well-designed company system:

A. User friendly

B. Robust

C. Distributed computer networks

D. Cost effective

E. Straightforward to sustain


A formal method to file customer requirements is:

A. Consumer surveys.

B. Quality role deployment.

C. Emphasis groups.

D. The Delphi technique.

E. A sales/marketing matrix.


Which that the adhering to is no true around remanufacturing?

A. Remanufactured products can be offered at lower cost.

B. The process requires largely unskilled and semiskilled workers.

C. There is less depletion of organic resources.

D. It produces high-quality products easily.

E. Remanufacturing is mainly brought out by tiny and mid-sized companies.


Which of the complying with is not one of the phases the product design and also development?

A. Point out product specifications.

B. Conduct industry test.

C. Specify procedure specifications.

D. Conduct architecture review.

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E. Perform used research.


Elements the the service process in which over there is little to no contact with the client are referred to as: