How lot would it expense to revolve a straight guy gay for an evening? that’s what one Reddit user wants come know.

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The write-up boldly asks:

Straight males of Reddit, a gay guy offers friend $600 to have sex through him, would certainly you? It would be a one time thing, easy cash.

And now, the responses…

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A variety of guys seemed open come the idea, however wanted an ext information.

“Condoms involved?” one male asks. “Sure, why not. Ns pay mine damn doctor to finger me when a year as it is. Ns dunno if I could maintain one erection long sufficient to carry out a guy well enough as a top though. Depends on the guy, ns guess.”

“What sort of sex?” another inquires. “What would certainly I have to do?”

“It would depend on the guy,” a third fella writes. “Like, I’m no attracted come guys, however there would be things that would make a guy an ext or less attractive. If he was fat, hairy and smelly I’d speak no.”

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Several guys said they’d consider it but felt the price was a little too low.

“No, not for that price,” one man writes.

“$600 can be as well little,” another adds. “At the very least like $1000, a verified test showing no STDs, and a promise that my colon i will not ~ bust open from something favor that.”

“Not because that $600,” a third man says. “Dream on.”

Others believed it was a great deal.

“If ns topped him, then heck yeah ns would,” one male writes.

“Yes,” another one says. Then he stipulates: “But no penetrative.”

“I’d execute it for the amount,” a 3rd guy says. “No big deal.”

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And then there were those who said no lot of money could ever buy your love.

“I nothing think so,” one man says. “I simply don’t find men attractive. I appreciate a handsome man however I i will not ~ actually have actually sex v a guy. Also if ns did i wouldn’t desire to do it because that money.”

“I’ve done some shady and also wrong shit because that money, however just can’t perform the gay thing,” another adds.

So over there you have actually it, folks.

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