DEPTFORD TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS/AP) —EverettMoore Jr., charged because that the march 7 roadway rage slaying that Joseph Pirri, will stay jailed until his trial.

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Officials say Pirri was attacked on in march 7 top top Tanyard Road near the intersection of mail Avenue in Deptford Township.

Gloucester county authorities announced arrested 54-year-old Moore, the Clayton, in April for the death of 32-year-old Pirri, the Blackwood.

Everett Moore Jr.’s lawyer seek to have actually him exit Friday with digital monitoring, call the state’s instance “inadequate.”

But Gloucester ar prosecutors quote the seriousness the the fees Moore faces, along with evidence derived in the investigation.

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Photo the Joseph Pirri. (credit: CBS3)

“We all remember it to be a distinct winter storm ~ above that certain day, the branch of brand-new Jersey had declared a state of emergency and also everybody was trying come leave occupational early and also venture v the roadway conditions,” stated Gloucester ar Prosecutor Charles Fiore at the moment of the arrest.

Walt Wilcox lives throughout the street from where the road rage event happened. He says Pirri left a trail of blood in the eye as the asked a neighbor on nearby Mail Avenue because that help.

“He had a pocket complete of blood wrapped up and he just kept screaming about his son, due to the fact that I heard he had a 4-year-old kid after the incident,” stated Wilcox.

Pirri was able to provide police a description of his attacker and also his over-sized pickup truck before he saw Cooper Hospital wherein he passed away eight days later from his injuries.

The Gloucester County medical Examiner’s autopsy finish Pirri was murdered by who who supplied a spicy instrument come strike him in the face.

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Prosecutors speak Pirri detailed police with details about his assailant and also the pickup truck the guy was driving. The information, along with video clip surveillance camera footage, led to Moore’s arrest.