Jason Witten’s very first year as an NFL broadcaster wasn’t entirely complete with the AFC Wild Card. I m so sad enough, the was ago in action for Sunday’s pro Bowl, and also it didn’t take long for the puzzling mistakes that plagued his very first season in the booth to re-emerge.

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As Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes associated on a touchdown happen to Colts tight end Eric Ebron, Witten broke the dead wait by proclaiming that Ebron had been Mahomes’ “guy every year.”

Patrick Mahomes litter a TD happen to Eric Ebron

Jason Witten: “Ebron was his guy all year”

Good to view Witten in pro Bowl type pic.twitter.com/Zy4A0lYw9H

— Cameron DaSilva (
Witten practically immediately realized that what he had actually said do no sense, paused and explained how great Ebron had been in the red zone.

But this had basically been the trouble with Witten all season: His comment generally is composed of cliches veiled as analysis. Every touchdown is make by a “big-time player” in a “big-time game.” the doesn’t stick, and as we saw on Sunday, it was flat-out wrong.

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NFL pan watching the agree Bowl — yes, castle exist — absolutely noticed the error.

"Eric Ebron was Mahomes' man in the red zone every year" – Witten


— Brendan Rourke (
Mahomes throws a TD pass to Ebron. Jason Witten says “that’s to be his guy all year”. Wtf???? How’s this guy have a job???