We invest a the majority of time top top Instagram (no, really—a most time), and when we're no living vicariously with our favorite FOMO-inducing accounts, we're check on some specifically talented users. So when our urbanbreathnyc.com casting team finds a ’grammer worth shouting out, us think it's ours duty to share that or her with you, dear followers. This week, we're adhering to southern belle turned international model and brainiac Elizabeth Turner all the means to the California desert for some next-level Coachella fun.

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Model Elizabeth Turner may live in Los Angeles, however her job-related requires her to perform quite a little of globe-trotting. The flaxen-haired 23-year-old got her start while still in high school, shooting because that both Teen Vogue and Seventeen. Always a dedicated student, however, she made her studies peak priority—and offered them her attention straight on through four years at duke University. Currently that she's a graduate, Turner can focus her fist on much less bookish pursuits choose her most recent gig together a bodacious assumption: v Jeans and also lingerie model. She might be a significant lady, but her life isn't every work and no play: in ~ the moment Turner is busy perfecting she festival vibes at Coachella. Who knows wherein she'll end up next. You'll just have to follow her on Instagram to find out.

Where space you ideal now?I'm right now on a plane traveling from new York to Palm Springs. I'm heading come Coachella, where I'll it is in representing Guess and also helping to organize a party because that Guess.

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Where walk you thrive up?I grew up in Griffin, Georgia. It's a very little town south of Atlanta.

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If you no a model, what career would certainly you pursue?I would certainly be in grad school pursuing a Ph.D. In psychology. I would choose to go ago to institution one day.

Believe in yourself. 2) occupational as tough as you can. 3) Never provide up.

What renders you feeling sexy?I feel sexy once I'm functioning out and also getting stronger. Ns love working difficult on my body.

Where have you never ever been but want to go?Australia! It's time because that me to do a expedition to Australia.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done on a shoot?The craziest thing I've excellent on a shooting is sit in a water-filled tub for around six hours. The shoot was for a makeup campaign, and I had a team of 4 men making sure I was fully covered in balloon at all times.

How perform you invest your time off?I love exercising, reading, and also going to movies in mine time off. Every one of those things aid me unwind after ~ strenuous traveling and also photo shoots.

What is your most prized possession?My many prized possession is probably my battle each other diploma. Yes, i was absent out on beginning my career as a model while i was researching at Duke, but I wouldn't profession that degree for anything.

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