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Well, the rain may have actually delayed many concertgoers together all-female psychedelic rock tape Warpaint opened the evening at that announced 6:30 p.m. Start time (kudos to organizers for continuing to be on schedule for much of the evening, also having DJ Zephyr mix it up in-between sets) come a thin crowd, both in the top level seats and on the floor.

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It made no distinction to the Los Angeles quartet together they played a reasonably brisk five song collection that featured “Undertow,” “Elephants” and “New Song” (the latter a solitary from the just released album Heads Up). This was in reality Warpaint’s an initial appearance in Sacramento, which provided those fans unwilling to do the drive to surrounding San Francisco a opportunity to lastly see these 4 talented ladies rock.

New zealand rockers The Naked and the Famous do EC16 the last prevent on their current North American tour. Command singer Alisa Xayalith detailed a pleasurable vocal variety with simply the appropriate amount the angst that assisted push and also pull you in the band’s sonic carousel native the anthemic “Higher” to large hits “Punching in a Dream” and set closer “Young Blood.”

You never really recognize how popular some bands are until you hear thousands of screaming fans chant the band’s name and cheer and sing along to every song. A few months ago, ns was floored through Panic! in ~ the Disco during the City of trees Summer Concert Event; this time is was British electrical band Glass Animals that obtained a most the crowd’s juices flowing.

Lead singer Dave Bayley furious the audience by slipping turn off his shoes, explaining the by doing so he “can dance properly.” and dance that did, everywhere the stage and also down top top the floor as much as he can get there is no security preventing him. Native the slow burning “Toes” to the his (fake) pineapple tossing on “Pork Soda” come crowd-favorite “Gooey,” Glass Animals provided the perfect downtempo electronic dance music that hit the right keep in mind for that time that night.

German tape Milky Chance detailed an alternate sound come the tho dancing crowd. Lead singer Clemens Rehbein repetitive the band’s mantra “peace and love” transparent the set. The band’s bluesy, but upbeat tunes motivated a more casual rhythm come head-bob and hip-shake to as they performed large hit “Stolen Dance” and brand-new hit “Cocoon.”

The night’s end near as Capital Cities aligned by because that the concert’s final performance. The Los Angeles duo retained up the beats, recall me of similar energy I saw from Chromeo throughout last year’s TBD Festival. Funding Cities performed a mix that old hits (“Kangaroo Court”) and new songs (“Vowels”) indigenous its forthcoming untitled sophomore album.

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Ryan seller (vocals, guitar) and Sebu Simonian (vocals, keyboard) taught the crowd just how to carry out the funding Cities Shuffle–a dance move that had taking a couple of steps to the right, a couple of steps earlier to the left, climate spin. “That’s it,” deadpanned seller as the two continued the shuffle. From what I might see, civilization shuffled as best and as regularly as they could while merchant and Simonian play “River Phoenix” and also “Center Stage” prior to the night’s main end around 11 p.m.