Discover the wonders of old Egypt with a fascinating journal from a lost exploration — a endowment trove of fact and also fantasy special a novelty facet on every spread.

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Who have the right to resist the allure of old Egypt — and also the thrill of uncovering mysteries that have actually lain hidden for thousands of years? no the feisty miss Emily Sands, who in 1926, four years ~ the discovery of King Tut"s tomb, led an expedition up the Nile in search of the dig of the god Osiris. Alas, miss Sands and also crew quickly vanished right into the desert, never to be viewed again. However luckily, her keen monitorings live ~ above in the type of a lovingly maintained journal, full of drawings, photographs, booklets, foldout maps, postcards, and many various other intriguing samples. Below are simply a few of Egyptology"sspecial features:— an extravagantly gilded cover, special a raised Horus eagle pendant with 3 encrusted gems— a playable video game of Senet — ancient Egyptian checkers — including board, pieces, original-style dice, and rules— a souvenir booklet showing just how to read simple hieroglyphs— a scrap the textured "mummy cloth"— a facsimile the the gilded mummy mask that King Tut— a gilded eye-of-Horus amulet with a "jewel" in ~ the endRich v information about life in ancient Egypt and also peppered with miss out on Sands"s vivid narration, Egyptology concludes v a letter native the previous Keeper that Antiquities in ~ the british Museum, explaining which parts of this unique tale might be welcomed as fact, which room guided by legend, and also which reflect the author"s delightful feeling of fancy.

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Dugald Steer
 has composed many publications for children including the best-selling Dragonology and that is companion, The Dragonology Handbook, as well as the forthcoming Wizardology. For ten year he to be an editor at Templar publishing in England, yet he now devotes himself full time to writing. Other books he has written include, The Night Tiger, Just One an ext Story, and Picture This . . . (with Alison Jay). For the moment, though, that seems more "ologies" are in the offing.Nghiem Ta, artistic Direction: Nghiem Ta works as a designer and also paper-engineer in ~ Templar where she has overseen the development of the best-selling Dragonology and Egyptology, as well as the forthcoming Wizardology. Before working v Templar, she spent 4 years with pop-up maestro Ron van der Meer. Her present projects include an ext books with "ology" in the title.

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Ian Andrew, Artist: Ian Andrew produced the black and also white pencil illustrations for Egyptology and The Egyptology Handbook. He is an achieved animator having operated on the animated film, "Dolphins" i m sorry won number of awards including ideal Newcomer in ~ the Zagreb movie Festival. That has illustrated many books for youngsters including Jim"s Lion by Russell Hoban and Tell Me One Thing, Dad by Tom Pow. Nick Harris, Artist: Nick Harris produced the large color illustrations in Egyptology on his computer. In enhancement to forays into animated TV advertising, he invested a spell working in the background room on the function film, "Who Framed roger Rabbit?" he has depicted many books for children including the Smarties publication Prize-winning Firework Maker"s Daughter by Phillip Pullman. Helen Ward, Artist: Helen Ward, who likewise worked on Dragonology, painted the many color recreations of old Egyptian statues, wall paintings, and antiquities and the 1920s memorabilia that appear in Egyptology. Helen has likewise written a variety of successful children"s books including The believe Forest and The Dragon Machine, both illustrated by Wayne Anderson.