And through “Ed Sheeran,” us don’t mean, “Ed Sheeran and an military of backup musicians, and maybe a couple of dancers,” as you could assume v a popular music concert at our NFL stadium.

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Literally, Ed Sheeran — and only Ed Sheeran — took the stage with an acoustic guitar, in a massive space typically scheduled for Nashville’s most elaborate, bombastic shows.

For the following two hours, the 27-year-old brother singer-songwriter stand alone v that etc in hand, a microphone before him and also a “loop pedal” (we\"ll explain) in ~ his feet.

It’s a setup it is no more facility than what you could find from a songwriter in-the-round, or a busker on lower Broadway. But even in Music City, no one’s ever tried to take the approach for a full headlining collection at the house of the Titans.

Well, Sheeran pulled it off on Saturday. And he came pretty close to selling out the stadium, too, as just a grasp of part in the top levels sat unfilled. 

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Much of his crowd continued to be on its feet for those 2 hours, singing along to a setlist that explored his decade-long regime as an unlikely popular music star, indigenous “The A Team” come “Shape the You.”

“This is the dream, isn’t it?” Sheeran said after his opening number, “Castle ~ above the Hill.”

Though the hails from the tiny city of Framlingham in Suffolk, England, Saturday’s show was an odd type of homecoming for Sheeran. That briefly lived in Hendersonville in 2013, in in between stints opened for Taylor Swift ~ above tour.

“On my very first night here, I visited Walmart and also I bought part pajama bottoms, not knowing they to be the Tennessee Titans pajama bottoms,” he stated with a chuckle. “Ever because then, I’ve type of adhered to the team.”

“This is my favourite city in the whole United States,” he added. “I’m therefore happy to it is in back. I uncover when friend play reflects in Nashville, since like 50 percent the the audience is musically inclined, whenever friend ask the audience to sing back, that always, like, perfect in tune and also in four-part harmonies.”

But after buttering them up, Sheeran didn’t let his audience off easy. Several times between songs, he urged them to let go and also sing “loudly and also out of tune.” the even sympathized through the “boyfriends and also super-dads” who didn’t really desire to be there. 

He was also in fee of to mark up his own one-man band, via the custom-designed loop pedal.

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The technology allows him pound out a quick rhythm ~ above his guitar, which is recorded and immediately played ago in an unlimited loop. Indigenous there, the can add as numerous layers that strums, riffs and background vocals as he wants.

The outcomes aren’t constantly seamless, but as soon as he nails it - prefer he go with a crescendo that vocal harmonies and guitar pounds on “Bloodstream” - it’s an undeniable thrill. 

It’s also worth noting the the looping an innovation is the only area wherein Sheeran ever before really faltered. He’s a powerful, expressive vocalist and a nimble guitarist, and that came sharply into emphasis in the night\"s final stretch that “sing-alongs.” That included “Thinking out Loud,” “Perfect” and “Sing,” with the audience’s volume tremendously growing. 

Sheeran re-emerged for the encore in a Titans jersey, and plunked ~ above a key-board for the very first and only time on “Shape the You.” The night ended with the skittering pseudo-rap the “You require Me, I Don’t Need You.\" everyone Sheeran is addressing in the tune, it absolutely wasn\"t his Nashville audience.