Depreciation is always considered a product expense for external financial reporting purposes in a production firm. (T/F)
Advertising costs are taken into consideration product expenses for outside financial reports since they are incurred in order to promote certain products. (T/F)
Property taxes and insurance premiums payment on a factory structure are examples of manufacturing overhead. (T/F)
In a production company, goods accessible for sale amounts to the sum of the price of goods manufactured and the start finished items inventory. (T/F)
The cost of rent for a manufacturing plant is generally considered to it is in a: a. Not a prime cost yet a product price b. No a prime cost or a product expense c. A element cost but not a product price d. A prime cost and also a product cost
Each the the following would it is in a duration cost except:• the value of the agency president"s secretary.• the expense of a general bookkeeping office.• depreciation that a device used in manufacturing.• sales commissions.

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For a production company, i m sorry of the complying with is an instance of a duration rather 보다 a product cost?• Depreciation of manufacturing facility equipment.• earnings of salespersons.• wages of an equipment operators.• insurance money on manufacturing facility equipment.
The incomes of factory maintenance personnel would normally be considered to be:a. Not indirect labour yet manufacturing overheadb. Indirect labour however not production overheadc. Indirect labour and manufacturing overhead d. No indirect work or production overhead
Direct products are a component of:a. Counter costs, production costs yet not prime expenses b. Counter costs. Manufacturing costs and also prime prices c. Manufacturing and prime costs but not conversion expenses d. No conversion, production or element costs
Manufacturing overhead is composed of:• all manufacturing costs.• all production costs, except direct materials and also direct labour.• indirect materials however not indirect labour.• indirect labour however not indirect materials.
If the expense of products sold is better than the price of items manufactured, then:• job-related in process inventory has diminished during the period.• finished items inventory has actually increased during the period.• complete manufacturing costs must be better than expense of items manufactured.• finished products inventory has lessened during the period.
Variable cost:• boosts on a per unit basis as the variety of units developed increases.• remains continuous on a every unit basis together the number of units created increases.• remains the same in total as manufacturing increases.• reduce on a every unit basis as the number of units created increases.
Within the pertinent range, the difference in between variable costs and also fixed expenses is:• variable expenses per unit fluctuate and also fixed prices per unit remain constant.• variable expenses per unit are consistent and fixed expenses per unit fluctuate.• both total variable costs and total fixed expenses are constant.• both total variable costs and also total fixed expenses fluctuate.
An opportunity expense is:• the difference in full costs which results from picking one alternate instead of another.• the potential benefit forgone by picking one alternative instead of another.• a expense which might be saved by no adopting one alternative.• a price which may be change to the future with small or no result on existing operations.
Which the the following costs is often important in decision making, but is omitted native conventional bookkeeping records?• addressed cost.• Sunk cost.• chance cost.• Indirect cost.
When a decision is made among a number of alternatives, the potential advantage that is lost by picking one alternative over one more is the:• establish cost.• chance cost.• conversion cost.• accrued cost.
Prime cost consists of straight materials linked with:• direct labour.• manufacturing overhead.• indirect materials.• cost of goods manufactured.
Which of the following significant activities that a company will result in product costs?• Marketing.• client support.• general administrative. • Manufacturing.
A manufacturing company prepays its insurance coverage for a three-year period. The premium because that thethree years is $2,700 and also is paid at the beginning of the an initial year. Eighty percent of the premium uses tomanufacturing operations and 20% uses to selling and administrative activities. What amounts should beconsidered product and duration costs respectively because that the very first year of coverage?a. Product $2,700, period $0b. Product $2,160, duration $540c. Product $1,440, period $360 d. Product $720, duration $180
Using the following data, calculate the start work in procedure inventory.Cost of items sold: $70Direct labour: $20Direct materials: $15Cost of goods manufactured: $80Work in process ending: $10Finished goods ending: $15Manufacturing overhead: $30The beginning work in process inventory is:- $15- $20- $25 - $55
Using the following data because that January, calculate the cost of goods manufactured:Direct materials: $38,000Direct labour: $24,000Manufacturing overhead: $17,000Beginning work-related in process inventory: $10,000Ending job-related in process inventory: $11,000The cost of good manufactured was:• $78,000. • $79,000. • $80,000. • $89,000.
Last month a manufacturing agency had the adhering to operating results: start finished items inventory: $74,000Ending finished products inventory: $73,000Sales: $464,000Gross Margin: $52,000What to be the price of goods manufactured because that the month? - $411,000- $412,000- $413,000- $463,000
The following account balances has been extract from Jimbob Co."s basic ledger:Direct products used in production: $200,000Depreciation factory building: $10,000Depreciation factory equipment: $50,000Depreciation sales room automobiles: $10,000Direct wages factory employees: $200,000Sales room salaries and commissions: $150,000Factory manager"s salary: $50,000Utility costs factory: $50,000Utility costs sales office: $20,000What was the total of manufacturing overhead?• $110,000. • $160,000. • $400,000. • $740,000.

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The following account balances has been extracted from Jimbob Co."s basic ledger:Direct products used in production: $200,000Depreciation manufacturing facility building: $10,000Depreciation manufacturing facility equipment: $50,000Depreciation sales department automobiles: $10,000Direct wages manufacturing facility employees: $200,000Sales room salaries and commissions: $150,000Factory manager"s salary: $50,000Utility expenses factory: $50,000Utility expenses sales office: $20,000What was the full of production costs?• $400,000. • $510,000. • $560,000. • $740,000.



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