e-dubble "Be A King" includes a sample native "The last Living Rose" through PJ HarveyiTunes - http://smarturl.it/EdubReset Twitter - http://twitter.com/EdubHipHopFacebook - http://www.facebook.com/EdubHipHopchorus:my momma told me- at some point I'ma thrive up huge and I'ma be a kingand my poppa said me- it's ok to sing when shit hurtsdon't forget your desires cuz' they'll obtain you v this So referred to as life, they call living but I contact it strangeand ns bet I'll perform itcuz' I'm on my means and solid enough the I deserve to shake the painverse 1: mr. Sunshine, mr. Rainstorm, accomplish me in the conference room we need to brainstorm require some middle ground, require an also keel yet you're at battle picking sides provide me heat chillsI'll take it em' both prefer my flu shot damaged I require the give and take to store me the end of the moatmy head above water think to those shed this weekall these tragedies continue to be on repeat favor we can't shower shit, ns can't speak top top itfist come the sky but I can't to win on that drink in my cup for this reason I'm gon' sip ~ above itcam newton's prolly pissed, that can't stiff arm em' all these levels of these family member problems and also benevolence is elegance for those who deserve to solve themi'm emotion pretty low favor I"m stuck at the bottombut I know I'll rebound prefer the bulls v Rodman ns am, just precisely what I will be simply a guy who have the right to rhyme n' chop ok beats one day I'll recoup from what ails metill then I'm on that fuck-- what the sales beverse 2:they talk about death, we're tryna live lifewhile they're signal states left yet they yes, really going rightbut that cares they got nothing to boost upon meanwhile we past them, fast lane, rubicon therefore let the shitstorm rang inthey shot to dap us up, however we simply leave em' hanging yeah- therefore let em' capture up v the language they can talk shit yet you know that us can regulate -- they say they tired of the metaphors castle are only pissed that they never ever really all set for em' --- so go ahead and get prepared for em' pop an additional bottle cuz' you gonna' require a stable arm - it's like we're life in the Tron game lines space all blurred cuz' we're sippin top top the bombay- john stock city lebron james no competition once you element in the time change Babe Ruth sucks--- fuck what the publications say I could strike the out v 3 pitches in an arm slingyeah- and we can do anything momma claimed it's true and I put that on whatever verse 3:we don't ask because that the doors to close in this lifeso we hoping... They keep em' openand if they shut those doors we'll smash the skylighttill it's broken... And smell the roses need to take the time to find our own roadso us focused...

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~ above what's gold and our yellow don't shine it's no from no mineso we're not just living for a token

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def an ideas to me heavy. Remainder easy big man i miss out on u everyday thank u sm

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