The gods of Every universe in Shock?! Losers Erased in \"The tournament of Power\"全宇宙の神様もドン引き!?負けたら消滅「力の大会」Zenuchū no Kami-sama mo Donbiki!? Maketara Shōmetsu \"Chikara no Taikai\"

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He works in the wildlife maintain area the a gigantic royal nature park, as superb guard who doesn’t hold back versus poachers. ...It’s perfect job for No. 17, who loves to it is in on his own and also isn’t large on cooperating through others; due to the fact that he’s so good at his job, he takes in a high salary. He is married to a zoologist; they have one child and also two embraced children, and also live happily in one isolated residence inside the nature park. ...He went and met No. 18 and Kuririn one time, but didn’t talk about what he’d to be up to, maybe since he considers together a wholesome lifestyle embarrassing.

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Herms summary:

Teams the ten warrior from each world will compete in the competition of Power. The good Priest explains that the tournament will be held on the “World that Nothing”, a world without time or space. Through nothing to acquire in the way, everyone will be able to fight to your heart’s content.

What’s more, the winning contestant will be able to make a wish on the at sight Dragon Balls, i beg your pardon have currently been assembled (in fact, Champa had already collected three on his). And the winning universe will receive…nothing. Everyone presses the an excellent Priest to describe this, and though he wasn’t supposed to expose this yet, due to the fact that Goku is Omni-King’s friend he agrees: the losing universes will be ruined by Omni-King!

Everyone has actually trouble processing this information, but good Priest continues with a one-of-a-kind request because that Goku. Before the main event, Goku and also the rather from world 7 will certainly fight versus another universe in former of the two Omni-Kings. The Omni-King from the future wasn’t approximately to clock the U6/U7 tournament and also wants to check out what Goku and co. Have the right to do.

This “Omni-Present Match” (a enhance attended by the Omni-King), will certainly serve together a preliminary come raise expectations because that the main tournament. One hour native now, three U7 warriors will confront off against three native U9 at Omni-King’s palace. With that, the good Priest departs.

Kaioshin marvels why precisely U9 was selected together their opponent, while beerus chews son ogong out for the devastating danger he’s carried upon the universe. Goku thinks they might just asking Omni-King not to destroy the universes, yet Whis defines that since Omni-King and also the an excellent Priest have currently decided top top it, there’s no transforming their minds. Also asking castle to could be dangerous!

Goku being friends through Omni-King won’t save him either; if the loses, Omni-King will certainly still ruin him and also the rest of U7. While Goku’s upset about this unexpected development, he remains upbeat. He’ll just need to win then! son ogong goes back to planet to choose his two teammates for the comes match. Vegeta still won’t budge with Bulma around to offer birth. Goten and also Trunks are fighting nearby, and also Vegeta argues using them, yet Goku isn’t so sure. That offers him the idea to use Gohan though.

At Gohan’s house, goku tries to sway the wake up Gohan to get in the tournament; he’s certain Gohan’s knack because that fighting will come best back. He also lets Gohan in on just how if they lose this tournament, their world will be destroyed. Gohan is shocked, but decides it’s finest to store this information a secret from Videl and the others. Castle don’t desire to begin a panic!

Videl stops by and also hears around the tournament, and also thinks it’d be fine because that Gohan to help his dad out prefer this. Pan returns from playing v Mister Satan and Buu, and seeing her v Videl inspires Gohan to enter; he’s obtained something come protect! Meanwhile, son ogong goes to recruitment Buu. Soon Goku, Gohan, Buu, and also Satan all arrive at the Kaioshin realm (which Satan remembers from his ahead visit).

Beerus marvels what Satan’s doing there, but Satan defines how Buu will just listen to him. The takes son ogong aside and also asks if the rather know about the universes being destroyed, but Goku says only Gohan does. Kaioshin currently takes the team come Omni-King’s palace, where Beerus order Satan no to to speak or do anything stupid, if he values his life.

Inside the royal residence they fulfill a dwarfish God that Destruction, an old Kaioshin with a nasty grin, an angel with shoulder-length hair, and three dog-like warriors. The the group from universe 9! The two groups bow to every other, and also the an excellent Priest prepares one arena with spectator seats. All the Kaioshins, god of Destruction, and angels from the 12 universes room there to watch the match! seeing Champa, son ogong calls out to him, and Satan panics to watch him action no friendly through a god. Son ogong thinks the fine since he to know Champa, however even the good Priest speak him to it is in quiet.

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The an excellent Priest explains to the assembled gods that this complement will serve as a preliminary for the competition of Power. The two Omni-Kings arrive through their attendants, and Goku flies up to greet them and also thank them because that holding this tournament, but Beerus angrily stops him. The good Priest walk on to say just how this tournament was Goku’s idea, and also Goku goes approximately say a couple of words: he heard there to be lots of solid guys throughout the universes, and wanted to fight them, therefore he asked the Omni-King to host this tournament. He guarantees the Omni-Kings a an excellent match!

The three fighters from each universe will hit one-on-one, in order. There is no time limit, and victory is made decision once a fighter admits defeat or is unable to proceed fighting. While there is no prize because that winning, if the Omni-King finds the complement to it is in boring, the may call the enhance off and also erase them on the spot. An initial up indigenous U9: Basil! first up indigenous U7: Buu…who’s fallen asleep. Satan wakes Buu up by offering him for this reason chocolate, and also promises him more if the “plays” with Basil.

Buu beginning the arena, and the good Priest declares the begin of the match. Basil automatically starts kicking Buu approximately at a breakneck speed; also the 2 Omni-Kings think he is fast. Buu is knocked come the ground, but suddenly smiles…