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Guild wars 2 developer ArenaNet announced this particular day that it will certainly launch the second expansion fill for its MMO later on this year. Titled Path the Fire, that growth will take players right into a new region that the game’s civilization on a pursuit to challenge a malevolent god.

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Building on threads native the recently completed Season three of Guild wars 2’s episodic “Living World” content, Path the Fire will watch players journeying to the crystal Desert. This harsh region was a major locale in the an initial Guild Wars; in Path the Fire, longtime football player will be able to see how the area has readjusted 250 years in the future, once Guild wars 2 is set.

The story the Path the Fire has players chasing ~ Balthazar, a long-missing god who has recently returned and also wreaked havoc across the world. Balthazar is looking come hunt down and also kill the elder dragon Kralkatorrik, but if he does so, it may have a cataclysmic influence on the civilization at large.

In enhancement to 5 giant new open-world zones to explore, the expansion will incorporate the addition of mounts. When they’re typical in massively multiplayer digital games, Guild battles 2 has actually avoided them to this point. Also now, however, ArenaNet is putting its very own spin ~ above this familiar facet of the genre.

ArenaNet/NCSoft fairly than simply allowing players come get roughly faster, each mount in Guild wars 2: route of Fire will have its very own special ability to aid players traverse and also explore the world. Because that example, in the expansion’s an initial map, crystal Oasis, players will certainly gain access to the raptor mount. This mount attributes a lengthy jump that will certainly let players cross gaps that would usually be impassable. As players level up your mastery of every mount type, the mount’s special an abilities will improve.

Path the Fire will certainly also carry out nine new elite specializations — one because that each that Guild wars 2’s professions. An initial introduced in the vault expansion, 2015’s Heart the Thorns, upstream specializations expand on the present professions, offering new weapon varieties and new ways come play.

Guild battles 2: path of Fire will launch top top Sept. 22, and pre-orders for the expansion are live now. It is easily accessible on its very own for $29.99 or bundled through Heart of Thorns because that $49.99. The pricing is notable, together the an initial expansion resulted in a stir amongst some players by launching at $49.99, the very same as the price that the main point game.

For those that would favor to shot before lock buy, ArenaNet will hold a totally free preview weekend from Aug. 11-13. This will certainly be open up to all players, including totally free-to-play and brand-new accounts. Those who choose to acquisition Path the Fire will also receive a cost-free level 80 an increase for one character.

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For more on Guild battles 2: path of Fire, examine out our in-depth feature ~ above the development of the game because its launch and also how ArenaNet has adjusted as a studio to aid support it.