Use your phone to knock on doors. Nothing sneeze on the packages. Ask customers to set their to know on the ground and also step away before you examine it.

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Amazon has noted its contract delivery drivers with in-depth guidance for collecting and also distributing packages while maintaining good hygiene and social street to slow-moving the spread out of coronavirus. Plenty of of the referrals hew carefully to those do by public wellness officials because that weeks.

Drivers in the Amazon Flex program had previously report crowded, sometimes chaotic problems at overburdened pickup locations, whereby they load their vehicles with dozens the packages for shipment to customers. They called out a lack of hand sanitizer or easy access to restrooms because that washing hands and also Amazon’s limited communication on just how they should go around their work, i m sorry has end up being essential amid a an international pandemic.

Meanwhile, Amazon had actually not increased the base price it pays Flex vehicle drivers for delivery blocks, and an flow of brand-new drivers has actually largely eliminated surge rates — jae won incentives readily available to attract an ext workers come handle rises in demand. “They space flooded with so many brand-new drivers locally that the block rate never ever surges,” a Seattle-area driver said Tuesday. Regardless of that, Amazon has had actually to phone call customers that no shipment windows were obtainable for few of its services.

Working Washington, already in the middle of a project to improve problems for gig economy workers, ~ above Wednesday dubbed for suppliers to provide hazard salary of secondary $5 per delivery, as well as 14 job of unrestricted payment leave. Amazon has pledged a $25 million money to aid drivers and other contractors, offering grants equal to two weeks the pay for those diagnosed with COVID-19 — the illness caused through the coronavirus — or placed in quarantine.

In a Wednesday evening email to Flex chauffeurs that to be reviewed by The Seattle Times, Amazon stated they must preserve a street of six feet from others as soon as picking up packages, which the firm said will certainly be “strictly enforced.” Amazon has actually told the warehouse employee — several of whom have actually ongoing concerns about social distancing and also hygiene — they should stay at the very least three feet apart.

Amazon told drivers that every shipment site and pickup ar is fitted with methods to clean their hands, and also Amazon or totality Foods employees to be instructed to assist anyone who couldn’t find the hygiene or sufficient sanitizing supplies, i m sorry remain hard to come by.

“We room working tough to ensure that hand sanitizer and also wipes are easily accessible for your usage at distribution sites and to store your hand clean when you’re ~ above the road,” the company told the Flex drivers, who numbers have actually swelled in current weeks with demand for delivery from homebound people. “We’ve placed orders because that sanitizer and also other cleaning supplies and, as quickly as we get these supplies, our very first priority will be getting them in her hands.”

Specific instructions varied for pickups in ~ Amazon’s delivery stations for groceries and other merchandise. In general, drivers are told come wait in their cars fairly than crowding into staging areas. Amazon claimed they would be educated when your orders were prepared to load. “Please keep your home window closed throughout this process,” the accuse said.

When making deliveries, vehicle drivers were told to wipe down commonly touched services, including handheld devices, steering wheels, keys and also vehicle and also door handles.

Drivers should shot not to touch gates and also doors v their hands. “Use your phone to touch elevator buttons and also to tenderness knock top top doors,” the email said.

For “attended” deliveries, in i m sorry the customer should be existing for the driver to leaving the package, Amazon told drivers to location the parcel on the doorstep, ring or punch — v the phone — and step back at the very least six feet. “Greet the customer v a ‘hello,’ and point to the package,” the email said. “No signature is required.”

If an identification inspect is required, such as for distribution of alcohol, chauffeurs should ask client to “please ar your identifier on the ground and also step ago while I inspect it, for this reason we maintain distance for her safety and my own.” chauffeurs are instructed no to touch the customer’s ID, or to perform so as small as possible.

Coughs or sneezes have to be directed right into a tissue or an elbow. “If you space delivering, step 6 feet away from the client or the packages,” the email said.

Drivers who space feeling ill room instructed come stay home until they have actually no heat for at least 72 hours without medications, and to notify Amazon Flex assistance as soon as possible.

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