Knowing the best means to negotiate v a foreign government about a volatile hostage instance is an instance of _____ knowledge.a. Implied b. Tacitc. Clear d. Definitive

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_____ understanding is difficult to measure up and file and commonly is no objective or formalized.a. Tacitb. Sharedc. Technological d. Explicit
A _____ is a team of people with usual interests that come together to create, store, and share knowledge of a certain topic.a. Neighborhood of practice (COP) b. Social networkc. Expert learning community (PLC) d. Personal network
_____ encompass the people, procedures, hardware, software, data, and also knowledge needed to build computer systems and also machines that have the right to simulate person intelligence processes consisting of learning, reasoning, and also self-correction. A. Assistive modern technology systems b. Intelligence agentsc. Man-made intelligence systems d. Virtual fact systems
The _____ shop all appropriate information, data, rules, cases, and also relationships the an experienced system uses.a. Inference engine b. Expertise basec. User interface d. Data warehouse
A _____ is a conditional statement the links problems to plot or outcomes. A. Simulation b. Casec. Ascendancy d. Genetic algorithm
In an professional system, the _____ is the component the delivers the expert advice.a. Inference engine b. Expertise acquisition facilityc. User interface d. Explanation facility
The _____ permits an experienced system user to understand exactly how the system arrived on its results.a. Inference engine b. Expertise basec. Explanation facility d. Expertise acquisition facility
_____ do not need any kind of previous training in computers or expert systems.a. Domain specialists b. Expertise usersc. Knowledge designers d. Smart agents
_____ can process many piece of data at the very same time and learn to acknowledge patterns.a. Voice acknowledgment systems b. Organic language processing systemsc. Learning systems d. Neural networks
The haptic user interface relays the feeling of _____ in the digital world.a. Vision b. Soundc. Touch d. Smell
_____ has actually the potential come superimpose digital data over real photos for this reason that gps maps can be merged with real pictures of stores and also streets to help people situate their position.a. Immersive virtual truth b. Telepresencec. Augmented fact d. Ar reality
_____ is a wide range of adaptive and also rehabilitative devices to assist people through disabilities perform tasks that lock were previously unable to attain or had actually great an obstacle accomplishing.a. Assistive modern technology b. Online realityc. Forensics software application d. Bioinformatics
_____ is a mathematical concept for arising strategies the maximize gains and also minimize losses while adhering to a given set of rules and constraints.a. Parrondo"s paradox b. Bioinformaticsc. Game theory d. Chainstore paradox
_____ is the combination of information modern technology with traditional disciplines together as medicine or science while considering the impact on individuals, organizations, and also society.a. Informatics b. Heuristicsc. Assistive an innovation d. Informetrics




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