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'Ight, come onAyeI'm turned up on a jollyI will certainly milly rock on any block fuckin' Kodak boppin'I will certainly hit a nigga v that Glock, don't really perform no talkin'I will Diddy bop on any kind of thot, she suck me 'till she coughin'I will certainly let the rip on every one of y'all, just shot me bitch ns promiseCall me K, I obtained knowledge, store the K reason I obtained knowledgeI be ballin' favor Phoenix, but they to speak I'm hooked top top phonicYou won't capture a nigga Tweetin'I be schemin', i be plottin'They be leechin', they it is in watchin'She it is in geekin' turn off the mollyCall me K, I gained knowledgeKeep the K cause I obtained knowledgeI it is in drippin', ns be saucin'I be limpin' when I'm walkin'I'm so fucked up in the noggin'I be hearin' bitches talkin'Since I'm constantly fuckin' eatin' yams, wet the cutlass candyYou recognize I don't fuckin' provide a damn, whack you and also your mammyThis is orange, don't say tangerine cause I will acquire offendedI desire Actavis Promethazine, don't want that shit friend sippin'And believe me, i ain't conceitedI'm simply chillin', I'm simply livin'And so what if I'm conceited? That's just me yet that's mine businessRemember I was in a sticky one, reality done fight meBoy these niggas will make you death some, they always in lock feelingsNigga what would certainly y'all carry out if you can be me because that minute?Nigga what would certainly God perform if we deserve to fuckin' switch positions?Aye repeat what you just said cause I to be rollin' once you told meCan't believe what you just said, bitch, i be rollin' in a stolenA lil' soldier from the NoyaI can't continue to be from turn off the cornerI don't treatment none 'bout these foreigns, I'll traction up in a 'YotaI was raised in a dope hole, post on the strollPut a nigga in a choke host 'fore I market my soul
Can't save these bitches off meNow mine bitch think I'm trippin', got her trynna stalk meThink prior to I execute the shit, false relocate will price meGot plans because that tomorrow, to be a guy in kindergartenI don't recognize you bitch, allow me acquire your socialGot a power, continue to be in Boca and also another on commercialI would quite hit the fuckin' plug prior to I go commercialStop that Tweetin', I'll murk youI be geekin' prefer I'm UrkleCrackers came and also got mine uncle and also he wettin' in DecemberI'm a come through bouncin' in the orange, you'll think I'm TiggerProject baby, thrived up in the park, you can speak to me TiggerIt's whatever, I'll absent a fella, and I'm on a jiggaIf I ever before meet Erykah Badu, I'ma crap herIf I ever see you, the end in public, I'ma touch youDoin' me, stayin' busta free, I'll bust a bustaIn a busted bus, nigga, my interior peanut butterShawty claimed that I'm a kid, prolly is cause I to be beatin' herProlly not, that prolly is, really think that I'll feed herI was in the DMV and also I to be runnin' up the meterSettin' trends, goin' at sight Saiyan, whipped out prefer VegetaIn a stolo smokin' reefer, rockin' Polo in AdidasRidin' olo v the Nina, ns don't recognize no nigga meaner