After falling come Goldberg 12 years ago at WrestleMania XX, Brock Lesnar suffered the exact same fate Sunday night at Survivor Series, together he was once again defeated by the previous WCW civilization Heavyweight champion.

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Goldberg overcame in a match that took under two minutes come complete. WWE shared photo of Goldberg celebrating: 

Considering the complement resembled much more of a squash 보다 epic fight between two legends, the reaction was one of shock. Bleacher Report\"s Ryan Dilbert put it bluntly: 

Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald remained in awe that the result, just like one memorable fan a few years ago:


Bill Goldberg just dominated Brock Lesnar. The happened. #WWE #SurvivorSeries


How can't you love an finishing that records you so turn off guard? Tried come tell you...Undertaker-Goldberg? Cena-Goldberg? #SurvivorSeries


AdamTheBlampiedI've acquired to believe something bigger will come indigenous this. The alternate doesn't bear thinking about. Goodnight, all.


Was that enhance booked prefer that because that's every Goldberg can last? #SurvivorSeries #WWE #Goldberg #BrockLesnar

However, it shows up as if Goldberg will be earlier in a WWE ring soon. According to James McKenna the ProWrestlingSheet, Goldberg make a attend to WWE earlier this week to appear in a match at January\"s royal Rumble PPV. 

Goldberg\"s surname has regularly been mentioned for a potential WWE return end the years, but it didn\"t end up being a real opportunity until the announcement of WWE 2K17. The 49-year-old Superstar was named a distinct downloadable character, if The Beast Incarnate was used as the covering athlete.

When Goldberg\"s involvement to be revealed in a unique commercial that first aired during Raw, clues were dropped about a potential rematch between two that the most dominant forces in the background of skilled wrestling.

Tensions obtained even greater when Paul Heyman showed up on Raw and challenged Goldberg to a struggle on instead of of his client.

That resulted in Goldberg\"s main WWE return ~ above Raw, and after part contemplation, he embraced Lesnar\"s challenge, which set the phase for their Survivor collection encounter.

Over the course of number of weeks leading approximately the pay-per-view, the combatants make appearances on raw and gathered the anticipation for their titanic clash.

With Goldberg attempting to play the role of a real-life superhero, heyman did everything he can to rotate the fans against him, as confirmed by this tweet, courtesy the WWE Universe:

WWE cosmos

\"Those chants space really starting to PISS
BrockLesnar OFF!\" -
HeymanHustle top top the
Goldberg chants... #RAW #BrockLesnar

Lesnar and Goldberg ultimately had a face-to-face confrontation top top the go-home episode of Raw prior to Survivor Series, which raised tensions come an all-time high.

While the decision to have actually Lesnar challenge Goldberg in ~ Survivor series was met with excitement by many, there was likewise plenty that skepticism since their complement at WrestleMania XX to be a significant letdown.

Much that that had actually to carry out with the truth the fans knew both Superstars to be leaving WWE ~ the bout. Lesnar and Goldberg had plenty to atone for Sunday.

Few supposed a technical masterpiece, as both superstars are finest known together brawlers, and it\"s doubtful that numerous wanted a chain-wrestling clinic.

Regardless of exactly how Goldberg is going to be booked leading as much as the imperial Rumble, the result was rather surprising due to the fact that Lesnar likely has a longer WWE operation ahead of him.

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Due to whatever he has accomplished both in the ring and also in the Octagon, however, Lesnar\"s credibility remains intact, and also he must have small issue bouncing back from Sunday\"s defeat.