If friend play Diablo 3 as mostly a Seasonal player, you may not really think really much about the game between Seasons. Girlfriend spend many of her time leveling your next character to 70 and going v the Season journey over again, after ~ all. You might view the period of time in between Seasons as a little of one off-period. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong through that — taking some time turn off to play various other games, review a book, or catch up on all those illustration of whatever your recent streaming obsession is a good idea.

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Season 24 start on July 23, therefore you have a little bit of downtime to attend to before you have the right to start collecting Season-specific Ethereal gear. But if you’re feeling prefer you want much more Diablo throughout that lull in between Seasons, you have the right to absolutely beat the game. In fact, Diablo 3 has actually a plethora of options for you, the usually Seasonal player, if you’re interested in tooling roughly Sanctuary in between Seasons.


Get prepped for the next Season

For starters, the character you’ve been playing this Season was simply converted come a non-Season character. Every one of their stuff from the Season financial institution has been mailed to you ~ above your typical characters, and also even if you have a completely expanded bank on your regular characters you’ll likely need to go through your mail and scrutinize the legendaries, article sets, legendary gems and so on that you accumulated during the Season. There will certainly be duplicate items you’ll have to decide what to execute with, whether they’re to be kept, salvaged, or also just vendored because that gold. I often uncover myself through a most gems to number out after a Season, which may mean numerous trips to Covetous Shen or come Kanai’s Cube for details Legendary Gems.

If you’re planning on making use of the renewal system, it’s really useful to get your character’s bags cleaned out now so you don’t have to resolve it later. Piece them of all your gear since Rebirth punts them ago down to level 1 and you don’t desire to have to deal with an ext mail later.


Enjoy all the strength of your new Paragon levels

Remember, not just does your formerly Seasonal character obtain all the gear and items they accumulated during the Season included permanently to her non-Season haul, but every allude of Paragon experience you earned throughout a Season was added to your non-Seasonal paragon XP, definition that if you’ve to be playing mainly Seasonally friend could very well have actually a many unspent paragon levels on her non-Seasonal characters.

This can add up come a surprising amount of strength after a while, climb the example ranks every Season really adds up when the Season ends. Save in mind that each paragon level requires more XP as you level up, if you got 400 example levels throughout a Season you won’t obtain 400 brand-new Paragon level on her non-Season personalities — you’ll gain the experience friend earned, but it won’t include levels one for one.

Still, because that the main or two in between Seasons, you can take her character out for a spin with all that extr Paragon and see what it’s like. Every the contents you played in your Season trip is still accessible — from Story to Adventure Mode, challenge Rifts, Nephalem and Greater Rifts — it’s all open to you.

You really deserve to just keep playing if you’re having actually fun, there’s no factor to prevent just due to the fact that the Season is over.


Take part other games for a spin

Let’s assume you desire a Diablo prefer experience, however you’re interested in acquisition a rest from Diablo 3 until the following Season mister up. That’s reasonable. And there are a lot that options, like Torchlight (Torchlight 3 launched during Season 21), Minecraft Dungeons, Path that Exile, or Wolcen… you acquire the point. With all the ARPG choices out there, friend can discover a video game that’s very comparable to Diablo, however different enough for a readjust of pace. Some invoke earlier games in the collection like Diablo 2 or also the initial flavor Diablo, and others take the architecture philosophy of ARPG gameplay in whole new directions.

We have actually a whole write-up full of activity RPG contenders for you to read, and also there are an ext coming out all the time — just recently Darksiders Genesis lugged the ARPG feeling to the Darksiders franchise, for example. And also of course, you don’t have come play one ARPG at every — Assassin’s Creed Valhalla simply launched, and there’s always Animal Crossing if you’re searching for something lighter.

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So yeah, these space some options for what to do while you’re waiting for Season 22. If naught else, you can take a nap. Recently I have grown come love naps.