A Woman set A Guinness human being Record For having 14 youngsters With 14 different Fathers.

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This write-up that claims that a woman collection a Guinness human being Record for having actually 14 youngsters with 14 different fathers turn on society media is fake. You re welcome find more details in ~ the verification section of this article.

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Below write-up has been circulating on society media.

A Detroit mother had been entered into the Guinness book of people Records for giving birth to her 14th kid fathered by a 14th man


Verification: there is no such Guinness world Record that a mrs for having 14 youngsters with 14 different fathers

For a woman and family, birth of kid is an inexplicable happiness. Unfortunately civilization with mischievous psychic spoil the happiness and also feelings. V such CLICKBAITS many world are fooled and also many gain emotionally hurt.

That is what occurred with Karena Bennet, 21 and her husband Elder Marroquin that Connecticut. ~ an year once Kerena opened up her Facebook and also found a picture of her and her newborn offered in an post conveying she had 14 youngsters from 14 different fathers. The post that supplied her image, offered her a various name, together a result, the world for this mother was upside down. The post claimed “A Detroit mother had actually been gotten in into the Guinness publication of people Records for providing birth to her 14th boy fathered by a 14th man”.

Bennet’s picture that has actually been circulating online was originally featured in an short article a year ago, after ~ she offered birth to a child that was the first baby born in the year of 2015 in Milford, Connecticut. Read More


Below is the fact of the story:

Whereas the truth is that Kerena Bennet and Elder Marroquin that Connecticut were blessed with their first first infant born in 2015 in the Quaint town of Milford, Connecticut. Read More


This is the family photo of Karena Bennet, Elder Marroquin with their cute kid.


Fake news takes away the joy for many. Stop sharing without discovering the facts. It’s not healthy for every one of us come share the false informations. Share just after girlfriend cross inspect the received message ,image, video or information.

We ensure that you are updated with the facts. You re welcome urbanbreathnyc.com before forwarding and also believing any kind of doubtful image, post or video. Be cautious, it is in safe.

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