1.) identify the attention payment because that the complying with threebonds. (Assume a $1,000 par value.) (Leave no cells blank -be details to go into "0" wherever required. Round her answers come 2decimal places.)

3.80percent coupon corporate bond (paid semiannually)$
4.55percent coupon Treasury note$
corporate zero coupon link maturing in ten years$

2.) A 3.000 percent TIPS has an original reference CPI that 185.2.If the current CPI is 210.5, what is the par value and also currentinterest payment the the TIPS? (Do no round intermediatecalculations. Ring your last answer come 2 decimalplaces.)

interest payment$

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Dec 28 2020 12:34 pm

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KANDREGULA R reply on December 30, 2020

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5&3) soybean beans Coupon Corporate bond -O.fx 0.035X $1000$ 28,-4) 55% Coupon Treasury abte0.55 X 0.0425 x $1000$...
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