Hey for this reason does anyone know of any long fanfictions that space basically rewrites the the movie but an ext angsty? favor taking off the Disney glasses.

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Pretty lot anything composed by WanderlustandFreedom. They have written a collection of quick stories set in the human being of Auradon, including:

Can friend Hear Me?- D-1 AU where Ben is deaf, most of his girlfriend don't really gain that, and also the VKs discover Sign Language in order come communicate. Mal does not order Ben in this one.

The trouble I obtain In- Ben plays sophisticated joke on his parents because that April Fool's Day... Only to find out the Mal wasn't kidding as soon as she told the some essential news.

Tag, You're It- after ~ Mal tag his locker, Ben reacts in a completely logical manner... By tagging she locker right back (as best he can). Soon, a full-on locker art battle erupts in between them.

Constellations- ~ a disagreement between Maleficent and also Hades turns right into an discussion at the engagement party because that Ben and also Mal, Ben take away Hades aside to talk.

Mommy thrived Up Different- Ben and Mal may be King and Queen that Auradon, but they're also parents come a genius, a dragon, and also a performer. These room some slice-of-life adventures in their distinctive parenting situation.

Getting that Right- Ben and Mal's daughter Belle has actually started dating. Ben is normally suspicious that pretty much everyone who involves their door.

I recognize You (From as soon as Upon A Dream)- Audrey has dreams of Ben date someone else. She's no happy around that.

The test Of her Trial- Carlos is dubbed to testify against his mother, who is on attempt for kid abuse... And a number of other things.

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Wrecked- Soulmates space a thing in this AU. Ben and Mal room linked. Shenanigans ensue. (Or: Mal's weak is cute guys speaking la Francais.)

Spellbound- victorian Era AU. Mal is taking treatment of Belle (who is dice of a terminal illness) when the previous Queen wants to go home for her last days. Lock arrive just in time to aid Ben address an incoming plot against him. (If you space really looking for some Audrey Hate, this fic is best for you!)

Her royal Highness- prior to being locked away, Maleficent inserted a curse top top the Queen's Crown, linking Ben and Mal with each other from their births. Unless particular conditions are fulfillled, they will certainly die excruciatingly slow-moving deaths. Among these? They have to get married. Special a lot that characters- not all of them native Disney's roster.