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Derrick Henry has actually gone viral because that plenty of points so far in his football career. That 99-yard record NFL touchdown that also Tony Dorsett had actually to give kudos for. His incredible and also eye-popping high institution statistics. Many recently, the Tennessee Titans running earlier threw a nasty stiff eight on Buffalo Bills’ josh Norman that offered the web plenty of laughs.

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Sometimes Henry doesn’t also have to it is in playing. Anyone remembers the 2016 college Football Playoff nationwide Championship Game for the Alabama Crimson Tide’s significant 45-40 victory over the Clemson Tigers. Just prior to kickoff, a photo of the 6-foot-3 Henry standing alongside the 5-foot-9 Mark Ingram throughout the coin toss circulated on social media and also the joke poured in.

Mark Ingram beside Derrick Henry before title video game last night pic.twitter.com/zlcn74E8U9

— Mike Golic (
espngolic) January 12, 2016

Ingram, a former Alabama running back and Heisman Trophy winner, was dubbed everything native a toddler come an Oompa Loompa.

As we found out in a hilarious Nissan Heisman residence commercial the year, Ingram isn’t the only one to loss victim to the “Derrick Henry Effect.”

“Derrick Henry Effect” Heisman Commercial

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The hilarious advertisement begins with two Heisman winners — Oregon’s Marcus Mariota and also Boston College’s Doug Flutie — reflecting Ingram the viral snapshot and making funny of him.

“Hey Mark, friend look choose Derrick’s tiny brother,” Flutie jokes.

“It happens to everyone. It’s the Derrick Henry effect,” Ingram responds.

Next thing you know, Henry go in the room and Mariota and also Flutie look considerably shorter. Flutie’s voice also sounds favor something out of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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This whole thing is terrific. Props to Ingram for being able come joke around this. Likewise props come Nissan for picking the perfect Heisman Trophy winners to usage in this spot. Flutie stands simply 5-foot-10 and also Mariota, who is 6-foot-4, was Henry’s NFL teammate in ~ the time.