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Derrick Henry has actually gone viral for plenty of points so much in his footsphere career. That 99-yard document NFL touchdown that also Tony Dorsett had to provide kudos for. His significant and also eye-popping high school statistics. Many freshly, the Tennesview Titans running back threw a nasty stiff arm on Buffalo Bills’ Josh Norman that gave the Internet plenty of laughs.

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Sometimes Henry doesn’t even need to be playing. Everyone remembers the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship Game for the Alabama Crimkid Tide’s tremendous 45-40 win over the Clemchild Tigers. Just before kickoff, a photo of the 6-foot-3 Henry standing next to the 5-foot-9 Mark Ingram during the coin toss circulated on social media and also the jokes poured in.

Mark Ingram alongside Derrick Henry prior to title game last night pic.twitter.com/zlcn74E8U9

— Mike Golic (
espngolic) January 12, 2016

Ingram, a former Alabama running ago and Heisman Trophy winner, was referred to as whatever from a toddler to an Oompa Loompa.

As we found out in a hilarious Nissan Heismale House commercial that year, Ingram isn’t the just one to autumn victim to the “Derrick Henry Effect.”

“Derrick Henry Effect” Heisman Commercial

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The hilarious advertisement starts through 2 Heisguy winners — Oregon’s Marcus Mariota and also Boston College’s Doug Flutie — showing Ingram the viral photo and also making fun of him.

“Hey Mark, you look like Derrick’s bit brvarious other,” Flutie jokes.

“It happens to everyone. It’s the Derrick Henry impact,” Ingram responds.

Next off thing you understand, Henry walks in the room and Mariota and also Flutie look considerably shorter. Flutie’s voice even sounds favor something out of Alvin and also the Chipmunks.

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This whole thing is terrific. Props to Ingram for being able to joke around this. Also props to Nissan for picking the perfect Heisguy Trophy winners to usage in this spot. Flutie stands just 5-foot-10 and Mariota, who is 6-foot-4, was Henry’s NFL teammate at the moment.