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When you end up being a member, you carry out unrestricted support to help education, preservation and also research in fatality Valley national Park and Ash Meadows national Wildlife Refuge.

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It’s easy and also automatic, a means to donate frequently without having to remember to write that check. Simply choose your recurring donation schedule when you donate to the unrestricted fund.


Scotty’s Castle


Flood recovery walking tours are done for the season, you re welcome check back this fall. Every proceeds benefit the Scotty’s Castle historic Preservation Fund.

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Scotty’s Castle


The heart and also soul the Scotty’s Castle—the nationwide Park Service and also the fatality Valley Natural background Association talk about the future of the Scotty’s Castle artifacts in this video.

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in aid to fatality Valley national Park and Ash Meadows national Wildlife Refuge because our start in 1954!

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Ken Lengner, popular Author, Historian, Geologist, trip Leader, and also Lover of death Valley, passed far on Sunday, may 30th. Ken was originally from brand-new Jersey however had spent most of his adult life in California.

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