(SN/Getty) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/a3/d7/2021-fantasy-football-team-names_726wlot1pr4b1m7e5l82xias5.jpg?t=525813035&w=500&quality=80

We"re an extremely serious journalists right here at SN Fantasy. Us take good care in our preseason rankings, sleeper lists, strategies, and also everything else that makes our cheat sheet a one-stop shop for all her drafting needs. If you don"t humiliate anyone else in your organization -- old university friends, idiot brother-in-law, elderly grandmother -- we feel negative for around 15 seconds prior to forgetting about it forever and maybe going to Arby"s or something. It"s in that spirit that we existing our contenders because that the ideal fantasy football team surname of 2021. 

Let"s challenge it -- you"re probably not walk to success your league. An easy math tells united state that. But just since your team is destined come fail doesn"t average you can"t be a winner in ~ something far an ext important. Many of the points that derail a fantasy season, prefer Saquon Barkley"s health, Mike Evans" targets, or Deshaun Watson"s (allegedly) criminal behavior, are out of our hands, yet you can control whether you have actually a funny or creative team name. 

DOMINATE your DRAFT: can be fried 2021 Cheat Sheet

Well, that"s not totally true -- you can be really bad at coming up through puns based on players" names. Don"t issue -- we"re yes, really bad, too, and we"ve quiet powered with to come up through hundreds of options over the years. (Told you we were serious journalists.) There"s bound to be one ~ above the list below that either fits your team or inspires you to come up v something much better. We have no shame, i m sorry is why you"ll see referrals so old also we don"t psychic the resource material anymore. But, again, all it take away is one an excellent one to win over the rest of your league, so be on the lookout for that rose cultivation from the concrete. 

2021 conventional FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running earlier | broad receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | optimal 200

Before we get into this year"s list, let"s take it a minute to remember several of our previous favorites that space no much longer of use. "Pimpin" Ain"t Breesy," "99 Problems however A Fitz Ain"t One," "2 Gurleys, 1 Kupp," "Le"Veon A Prayer," "Turn down For Watson," "Stop The Spredelman," "All You can Ito," and also "Get Mitch Or dice Tryin"" will all be sorely missed. Make certain to say thanks to them for your service.

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2021 PPR FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running earlier | large receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | height 200

Fortunately, some of this year"s optimal rookies have stepped in to immediately fill the void, motivating gems choose "Pitts and Giggles," "Blow your Waddle," "Lance Lance Revolution," "No Pain, No Gainwell," "Return the The Mac," "Sermon top top The Mount," and, that course, "Jabba The Hut...Pizza The Hut...Fat guys Like Pizza...Pepperoni Pizza...Pepperoni Toney." (That one is a maybe a touch also long, however it"s perfect because that the one human being who"s a huge fan that "The Office" and also happens to draft Kadarius Toney in your fantasy football league.)

2021 FANTASY SLEEPERS:Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Each team

We additionally have part classics, such as "Cobra Kyler," "Fresh Prince the Helaire," "Chark Week," "Hurts for this reason Good," "Every work I"m Gustlin"," and "Call the Jeudy." girlfriend can constantly go COVID-related with "Dakcine Mandate," "Robust Vantibodies," and "Odellta Variant," and also if girlfriend really desire to take it to the following level in a two-QB or superflex league, salary homage to previous Mizzou greats v "Get The Jabbert" and "Drew Lockdown." If that"s too much of a bummer, shot something cheerier, choose "Gaskin Robbins." (I don"t treatment what anyone says, ice cream cream is much better than the coronavirus -- and you can quote me on that!)

2021 FANTASY TIERS & draft STRATEGY:Quarterback | Running back | broad receiver | Tight end | D/ST

Look, they"re not all winners, just like the the bulk of fantasy soccer owners. We all recognize the best team names room usually inside jokes and/or as well offensive to print here. We trust you have the right to come up with those yourself. Save it classy, though. "Master Bateman" is clear fine, however tread carefully going beyond that. "Vancel Culture" is a real thing in 2021, after ~ all. (Who knew valve Jefferson would have actually so lot value this year?)

2021 FANTASY AUCTION worths (Standard & PPR):Quarterback | Running ago | broad receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | Overall

If you don"t understand any of the references below, either neglect them or walk to your regional library and also look them up. Now, let"s gain you a "W" before the season also starts. 

Best fantasy soccer team names for 2021

Saquon Barkley

Another ‘Quon Bites The Dust

Saquaratine Barkley

All Barkley, No Bite/My Barkley Is Louder 보다 My Bite

Watch What girlfriend Saquon

WEEK 1 typical RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running ago | broad receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker

Ezekiel Elliott

Zeke Squad

Get her Zeke On

Hide and also Go Zeke/Zeke and You shall Find

The Zeke chandelier Inherit The Earth

Ezekiel 25:17

Zeke-a Virus

Last Night i Took an El(liott)

WEEK 1 PPR RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | vast receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker

Alvin Kamara


Lights, Kamara, Action/Kamara Shy/Instant Kamara/The Kamara to add 10 Pounds/The Kamara Loves You

2021 FANTASY CONSISTENCY RATINGS:Quarterback | Running ago | vast receiver | tight end

Nick Chubb

Chubby Chasers

Chubb Pack

We be Chubbin" 

Nick Heads 

Joe Mixon 

Catalina alcohol Mixon 

Mixon the Up 

Mixon Match 

The Mixon Administration

Dalvin Cook

Too numerous Cooks

Christian McCaffrey 

Golden McCaffrey 

Onward Christian Soldier 

Fanatical Christians/Christian Missionaries 

Derrick Henry

Oh, Henry

Oil Derricks 

FANTASY breeze STRATEGY:Snake draft | Auction | finest Ball | Dynasty/Keeper | IDP

Aaron Jones

To Aaron Is Human/Aaron top top The next Of Caution

Keeping Up with The Jones

Jonathan Taylor 

Taylor Made 

Clyde Edwards-Helaire 

Clyde and also Go Seek

That’s Helairious

Fresh Prince the Helaire 

Miles Sanders

100 Miles and Runnin"/I would Walk 500 Miles 

Head In The Sanders/Belt Sanders/Quick Sanders/Sanders Castles

Myles Gaskin

(See above)

(See below)

JK Dobbins (save this for following year)

Rockin’ Dobbins 

Batman and also Dobbins 

Baskin Dobbins (or Gaskin Dobbins if you acquire Myles Gaskin, too)

Dobbins and Stealin’

Haha JK LOL 

2021 conventional FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running ago | vast receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker | top 200

Damien Harris

Notre Damien 

Harris Wheels 

Najee Harris

(See above)

Raheem Mostert 

Mostert likely To Succeed 

Host With The Mostert 

Austin Ekeler 

What The Ekeler? 

Austin Powers

D"Andre Swift

Swift absent In The Ass/Swift Retreat

Kareem Hunt 

Krispy Kareems 

In The Hunt/Thick Of The Hunt/Big-Game Hunting

Josh Jacobs 

Jacobs Ladder

Travis Etienne 

All You deserve to Etienne/You space What friend Etienne (save these for following year)

Zack Moss 

Uno Moss, Por Favor  

A Rolling stone Gathers No Moss 

2021 PPR FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | large receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | peak 200

Kenyan Drake 

Grand Kenyan 

I perform What i Kenyan/Yes We Kenyan! 

Easy Drake Oven 

Life Is What girlfriend Drake It 

Drake that Til You do It (or Fake that Til girlfriend Drake It) 

AJ Dillon

Dillon "Em Softly

James Conner 

Conner Air 


Nyheim Hines

Hines 57 Sauce

Trey Sermon

Sermon ~ above The Mount


Trey Day

2021 FANTASY SLEEPERS:Quarterback | Running ago | wide receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | every team

Devin Singletary

Seventh Devin/Devin have the right to Wait/Stairway to Devin/Devin Sent

Young, Free, and also Singletary 

Tevin Coleman 

(See above)

Coleman Coolers 

Mark Ingram 

Ingram Toenails 

Tarik Cohen 

Cohen that Silence 

Marlon Mack 

Born come Mack/Return the The Mack 

Mackcine Mandate/Anti-Mackser

Leonard Fournette 


Nothing but Fournette 

2021 FANTASY TIERS & breeze STRATEGY:Quarterback | Running earlier | wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST

Gus Edwards 

Every day I"m Gustlin" 

Gus Station/Gus Stop/Back up The Gus/Get top top The Gus 

Kerryon Johnson 

Keep calm and Kerryon/Kerryon My Wayward Son 

Jamaal Williams 

Jamaal around That Bass 

J.D. McKissic

Sealed with A McKissic/McKissic mine Ass

Latavius Murray

Murray Convention

Murray-Up Offense

Tony Pollard

Arroz Con Pollard/El Pollard Loco

Rashaad Penny 

Penny For Your Thoughts/Penny Candy 

Runnin" Rashaad over You 

The Penny Is Mightier 

Kenneth Gainwell

No Pain, No Gainwell

Rhamondre Stevenson

Friendly Rhamondre/Night to Rhamondre

Forgot around Rhamondre/Rhamondre Day

2021 FANTASY AUCTION values (Standard & PPR):Quarterback | Running back | broad receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker | Overall

Sony Michel

Say It Ain"t Sony 

My small Sony

Sony next Up 

Justice Hill

And Justice for All...


Patrick Mahomes 

Home Sweet Mahomes/Stay at Mahomes/Mahomes Is Where The Heart Is/Mahomes Cookin"/Mahomes field Advantage

Rollin" with Mahomies

Mahomes Boys 

Josh Allen 

We"re Allen In This Together

2021 FANTASY CONSISTENCY RATINGS:Quarterback | Running earlier | large receiver | chop end

Kyler Murray 

Murray Convention 

Murray-Up Offense 

Cobra Kyler

Lamar Jackson 

View From Lamar 

Lamar The Merrier 

Lights, Camera, Jackson!

Justin Herbert

I"m v Herbert

Puffin" Herbert

Jalen Hurts

Hurts for this reason Good/Love Hurts/The hurts Locker

Joe Burrow 

Beg, Burrow, And Steal 

Burrowito Bowl (or any kind of variation the “Burrito” girlfriend enjoy) 

FANTASY breeze STRATEGY:Snake draft | Auction | finest Ball | Dynasty/Keeper

Dak Prescott 

Dakstreet"s Back 

Baby obtained Dak 

Dak And Yellow 

Dakcine Mandate/Anti Dakser

Prescott your Luck/Full-Court Prescott

Baker Mayfield 

Mayfield Of Dreams/Baker Mayfields Forever 

Baker Of Chains 

Baking Bad 


Aaron Rodgers 

Aaron On The Side Of Caution/To Aaron Is Human 

Mr. Rodgers" Neighborhood 

Ryan Tannehill 

Gym, Tannehill, Laundry 

Tom Brady 

Once, Twice, 3 Times A Brady

Here’s my Number, So speak to Me Brady 

Brady Bunch

Matthew Stafford 

Chief of Stafford

Stafford Infection 

Kirk Cousins 

Kissing Cousins 

Captain Kirks 

Ben Roethlisberger 

Roethlisberger Helper

Carson Wentz 

North By North Wentz/Go Wentz, Young Man 

Wentz top top A Time

Just say Wentz

2021 standard FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running ago | broad receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | peak 200

Jameis Winston

I"ll make You Jameis

All I carry out Is Winston

Trey Lance

Lance Lance Revolution/Pants turn off Lance Off

Trey Day


Justin Fields

Fields Day/Fields that Dreams

Mac Jones

Return that The Mac/Born to Mac

Maccine Mandate/Anti-Macser

Keeping Up v The Jones

Jared Goff 

Turn Goff The Lights 

Goff Button/Turn her Head And Goff

G"off My Lawn 

2021 PPR FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running ago | wide receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker | optimal 200

Sam Darnold

Hey Darnold

Cam Newton 

Steady Cams 

Lights, Cam, Action 

Derek Carr 

Dude, where’s My Carr? 

Carroz Con Pollo

Matt Ryan 

Saving Matt Ryan 

Song Of Matty Ice And Fire 

Drew Lock

Drew Lockdown

Jimmy Garoppolo 

Jimmy G-String Divas 

Nuthin" but A Jimmy G Thang

2021 FANTASY SLEEPERS:Quarterback | Running ago | vast receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | each team

Wide Receivers

Tyreek Hill 

Hill Toppers/Kings Of The Hill 

Hill Street Blues 

‘Reek Havoc/Havoc ‘Reekers 

Davante Adams

Up and Adams

Adams Bomb 

Davante’s Inferno 

Wings Of A Davante 

DeVante Parker 

(see above) 

Walk In The Parker 

Illegal Parker 

DeAndre Hopkins 

Going "Nuklear/"Nuklear Option/"Nuklear Blast 

Don"t "Nuk the Til Your try It/"Nuk three Times/"Nuk "Nuk Joke 

Tyler Boyd 

Avoid The Boyd 

Yeaaaaaaaaah Booooooooooooyd! 

Boyd Rage 

DK Metcalf

Golden Metcalf

2021 FANTASY AUCTION values (Standard & PPR):Quarterback | Running back | wide receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker | Overall

Stefon Diggs 

Can friend Diggs It? 

Diggs In A Blanket 

The large Diggs

Calvin Ridley 

Calvinist Revival

Get Ridley Of "Em 

Allen Robinson 

We’re Allen This Together 

Here"s To You, Mr. Robinson 

Keenen Allen 

(See above)

Peachy Keenan 

Mike Evans 

Stairway come Evans/Seventh Evans/Evans deserve to Wait/etc.

CeeDee Lamb 

Lamb Skewers/Lamb Chops/etc. 

CeeDee Burner/Portable CeeDee Player

Amari Cooper 

Amari 2600 

Amari Teenage Riot 

Amari Express

That"s Amari! 

Have yourself Amari small Christmas 

Palace Cooper/Cooper d’etat 

Julio Jones 

Game the Jones 

Dr. Julio 

2021 FANTASY TIERS & draft STRATEGY:Quarterback | Running earlier | wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST

Robert Woods 

Cabin In The Woods

Woods you Rather?/What Woods friend Do?

Cooper Kupp 

Red Solo Kupp 

Palace Cooper/Cooper d’etat 

Chris Godwin 

All I execute Is Godwin 

There Is A Godwin! 

D.J. Moore 

The Moore The Merrier

Gimme Moore

Rondale Moore

(See Above)

Elijah Moore

(See Above)

Kenny Golladay 

Golladay Inn Express 

Tyler Lockett 

Hot Lockett 

Pop-Lockett-Drop It 

Stone Cold Lockett 

Pocket Lockett 

2021 FANTASY CONSISTENCY RATINGS:Quarterback | Running ago | broad receiver | tight end

Ja"Marr Chase

View native Ja"Marr

Ja"Marr The Merrier

The follow Is On

Courtland Sutton 

King Of The Courtland/Royal Courtland/Night Courtland 

Cute As A Sutton 

Always Up To Sutton 

Corn Cobb Pipe And A Sutton Nose And Two eye Made Out Of Cole (Just draft Randall Cobb, Courtland Sutton, and also Cole Beasley, duh) 

Deebo Samuel 

Son Of Samuel

Finding Deebo 

JuJu Smith-Schuster 

Bad/Good JuJu 

King Of The JuJu"s 

JuJu Know What I"m Sayin"?

Brandon Aiyuk

An Eye because that An Aiyuk

Evil Aiyuk/Stink Aiyuk/Etc.

FANTASY draft STRATEGY:Snake breeze | Auction | ideal Ball | Dynasty/Keeper

Diontae Johnson 

A Hill To Diontae 

Tee Higgins 

Tee it Up

Spill The Tee/Tee Bags

Chase Claypool

Jars the Claypool

Odell Beckham Jr. 

Odellta Variant

O-dell No! 

DJ Chark

Baby Chark/Chark Attack/Chark Week

Will Fuller V

Where yes sir A Will, yes A Way 

Will Powered 

Plead the V

Fuller House 

Jaylen Waddle

Blow her Waddle

Jaylen Thee Stallion

Jerry Jeudy 

Call Of Jeudy 

Judge Jeudy 

Ms. Brand-new Jeudy/Jeudy Call

Marquise Brown 

Hollywood Squares 

Hooray For Hollywood 

2021 traditional FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | large receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker | optimal 200

Adam Thielen 

Thielen prefer Makin" Love 

I Gotta Thielen/Hooked On A Thielen/More Than A Thielen/Can"t Stop The Thielen 

Up And Adam 

Adam Bomb 

Jarvis Landry 

Dirty Landry/Landry Service 

Gym, Tan, Landry 

Brandin Cooks 

Ain’t No Such thing As Halfway Cooks 

Too countless Cooks 

Jamison Crowder 

Crowder Control/Sold the end Crowder/Three"s a Crowder

Crowder Heads

2021 PPR FANTASY RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running earlier | wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | height 200

Darnell Mooney

Dark next Of The Mooney/First guy On The Mooney/Etc.

I Don"t provide A Darnell

Emmanuel Sanders 

Belt Sanders/Head In The Sanders/Sanders Castles/Quick Sanders

O" Come, O" Come Emmanuel 

Christian Kirk 

Onward Christian Soldiers/Fanatical Christians/Christian Missionaries

Captain Kirks

Henry Ruggs III 

Bearskin Ruggs/Area Ruggs/etc. 

Laviska Shenault Jr.

Livin" Laviska Loca

Hasta Livaska, Baby

Cole Beasley

Pimpin" Ain"t Beasley

T.Y. Hilton  

T.Y. Dolla $ign 

Mecole Hardman 

Get Hardman 

Don’t you Forget about Mecole/Mecole, Myself and also I 

Michael Gallup 

Gallup Poll 

2021 FANTASY SLEEPERS:Quarterback | Running ago | broad receiver | Tight end | D/ST | each team

Jalen Reagor 

Jalen Thee Stallion

Sterling Shepard 

Sterling Record/Sterling Silver 

Darius Slayton 

Slayton Queen!/Slayton all Day

Double Darius 

Marquez Callaway

Where There"s A Will, There"s A Callaway

Allen Lazard 

Lazard Focus/Lazard Pointer/Lazard Beam

Lazard King 

Mohamed Sanu 

Sanu Jack City 

DeSean Jackson 

DeSean the The Dead

Rashod Bateman

Master Bateman

Runnin" Rashod end You

2021 FANTASY AUCTION worths (Standard & PPR):Quarterback | Running ago | vast receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | Overall

N’Keal Harry

License To N"Keal/If watch Could N"Keal 

Even N’Keal 

Van Jefferson

Robust Vantibodies

Vancel Culture

I Live In A Van down By The River

2021 FANTASY TIERS & draft STRATEGY:Quarterback | Running ago | large receiver | Tight end | D/ST

Tight Ends

Travis Kelce 

Kelce Lately 

Darren Waller 

Waller ID

Family Waller/Waller General/Waller Store/Another Day, one more Waller/A job Later and A Waller Short

Build The Waller!

George Kittle 

Kittle Giants/Kittle Big Men

Pot Calling The Kittle Black 

Kittle One 

Kyle Pitts

99 Problems however a Pitts Ain"t One

Pitts and Giggles

Show united state Your Pitts

2021 FANTASY CONSISTENCY RATINGS:Quarterback | Running ago | wide receiver | chop end

T.J. Hockenson 

Hockenson A Loogie 

Ad Hockenson Committee 

Noah Fant 

Fantom Menace/Fantom Of The Opera

What"s your Fant-asy?

Fant Man

Whatchu noah ‘Bout It? 

Mike Gesicki 

Gesicki To mine Stomach 

Robert Tonyan

I, Tonyan

Metric Tonyan/My Uzi Weighs A Tonyan

Dallas Goedert

There Is A Goedert/Praise Goedert/etc.

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Cole Kmet

When take care of Kmet Sally

Jared Cook 

Too countless Cooks

I checked out Jared

FANTASY breeze STRATEGY:Snake breeze | Auction | best Ball | Dynasty/Keeper

Zach Ertz 

Death Ertz-tificate 


Blake Jarwin 

All I execute Is Jarwin

Blake Effect/Blake Superior

Austin Hooper 

Jumping with Hoopers 

Austin Powers 

C.J. Uzomah 

Secret Of The Uzomah 

Vinnie Iyer, Jordan Heck, Tony Fortier-Bensen, Jacob Camenker, Billy Heyen and also Ellis Williams all contributed to this article.