"She was still in love with her husband; typically she glanced at him through furtive wistfulness. She to be able to gain the summer weather. She was not rather dead to the typical phenomena that the roadside.

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but the critical resistances that departing youthfulness and vivacity versus the narcotic of a dull, i do not know domesticity were taking place. In a year or 2 she would be the typical matron the the reduced middle-class."

A guy From the North, Arnold Bennett.

What walk dead come something mean? internet research brings up:

None of these seem relevant to the quoted context.

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The phrase dead to usually way

unconscious of, doesn"t pay fist to, doesn"t understand/recognize, etc.

that are acquired from the meaning, 1.2 an interpretation of Oxford virtual Dictionary

Lacking emotion, sympathy, or sensitivity

For example:

Are we dead?--dead to blame or praise? Dead to fashion and also human opinion? Dead so the we have actually no itch for recognition? Dead so that we carry out not squirm if an additional gets praised for a thing that us engineered?

She was not rather dead come the common phenomena of the roadside

means she to know about/recognizes/understands the common phenomena of the roadside.

Dead to shame way shameless and also there might be plenty of expressions.

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"To it is in dead to something" method to no be conscious of it (or in
TrevorD"s words: "oblivious to it"). This is actually provided in the researched expression "dead to the world", where the person who is sleep is so solidly asleep the they are not aware of the world*.

In the quoted context the expression is modified v "not quite", which suggests that she to be once fully aware of something, and is perhaps ending up being less aware of it, yet still retains part awareness. Hence the phrase in context can be interpreted as:

"She was still mindful of the typical phenomena of the roadside."

Unfortunately ns can"t find any type of research to back this up, anyone that does find some is welcome to write-up a much better answer!

"* credit to
JOSH for this research:

Dead come the world: The proper meaning of dead come the civilization is a religious one, describing the state of who who has actually left worldly things to dedicate themself to God. Together Wordsworth put it, "A few Monks, a stern society, Dead come the world and also scorning earth-born joys" (Cuckoo in ~ Laverana, 1837). It deserve to still be discovered in modern urbanbreathnyc.com provided in this way: "Henceforth, prefer St Paul, she to be dead to the world and also alive only to God" (The urbanbreathnyc.com Mystics of the 14th Century, 1991). However, by the late 19th century, the expression was likewise being offered to average "unconscious" and also from there, that was but a quick step come the commonest modern-day sense that "deeply asleep".

Potentially, then, the definition of "dead to" an interpretation "unaware of / oblivious to" has stemmed native a typical misunderstanding of "dead come the world".

Note the this an interpretation is not pertinent in one of two people "dead to rights" or in "dead come someone".

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In "dead come rights", "dead" is one adjective no a verb, meaning "absolutely, without doubt".