The Boston Red Sox honored the job of David Ortiz in a ceremony prior to Friday\"s game against the Los Angeles Angels, culminating with his famed No. 34 gift retired by the franchise the played through for 14 seasons. 

Fittingly, Ortiz would note those numbers in right field at Fenway Park organized special significance to him throughout his play days. 

\"Taking batting exercise on this field, ns was constantly trying to hit those numbers,\" big Papi said, via Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal.

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In enhancement to Ortiz\"s number getting presented at Fenway Park forever, many of his previous Red Sox team members took part in the celebration to respect the 10-time All-Star. 

Hall of call pitcher Pedro Martinez, that was instrumental in getting then-Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein to authorize Ortiz, speak on the field. 

\"I don\"t have sufficient words,\" that said, via MacPherson.

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, who is the critical holdover native the 2007 World collection team, made sure to keep in mind Ortiz has actually not to be forgotten. 


\"You\"re no our teammate, you\"re not our friend,\" Pedroia said, via NESN\"s Tom Caron. \"You\"re our family. And it\"ll be that means until we die.\"

Ortiz join the Red Sox prior to the 2003 season after gift released by the Minnesota Twins. That said during the consciousness he decided the No. 34 to respect Kirby Puckett, and MacPherson noted the Red Sox invited Puckett\"s family to the ceremony. 

After gift let go by the Twins, Ortiz signed a non-guaranteed major league deal and also was intended to contend for the team\"s opened at first base. He would certainly go on come hit 483 that his 541 career homers in a Boston uniform, command the franchise to three championships in 2004, 2007 and 2013, and also be called MVP the the 2013 world Series. 

In Ortiz\"s final season in 2016, he led MLB v a .620 slugging percentage and also 48 doubles, and also he paced the AL through 127 RBI. 

Ortiz became the 11th Red Sox player to have his jersey retired, joining a team that consists of Martinez, go Boggs, Carlton Fisk and Ted Williams. 

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