It"s the magical time of year again. The leaves room changing. The air"s obtaining colder. Pumpkins areeverywhere. And also that"s a great thing if you"re a Halloween enthusiast -- due to the fact that that means more pumpkins because that you to carve together you prepare because that the creepiest night the the year.

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We"re just a couple of weeks far from the many gamer-friendly holiday of the year, and there"s no much better way to obtain in the Halloween spirit thanturning her favorite video games into awesome jack-o"-lanterns. Salary homage to her favorite fandomsand ward off the restless spirits hike the"s a win-win!

That"s why we"ve compiled a list of cool design from several of your favorite video game franchises. Every of these pumpkins have to be fairly easy for you to replicateyourself, so we"ve contained stencils because that each design to get you started. Every you need is a pumpkin, the appropriate tools, and also a tiny bit that patience to lug thesecarvings to life.

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Creeper confront (Minecraft)

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Ah, the Creeper -- both theMinecraft mascot and also the bane the pretty much every player"s existence. Pay her respects to the foe you love come hate v this simple Creeper carving.

Thedesign is easy sufficient that even the craftily-challenged can obtain it done right, but the addition of a candle makes this Creeper look like he"s filled through the hellfire the a thousand Nethers.

Be careful, though. It would certainly be a dead if something were to occur to those treatssssssssssssss...


Logo or character Portraits (Overwatch)

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It"s no secret thatOverwatch is going to be large this Halloween. For this reason you deserve to join in on the fun by producing your own pumpkin that proudly displays the emblem of your favorite rebellion-squashing team of heroes.

But chances are you can"t it is in satisfied v a only logo. You desire to placed your favorite character out there for all the world (and the underworld) to see. Luckily because that you, the totally free Stencil Gallery has actually carving trends for every hero that"s right now on the Overwatch roster. Whether Mei is bae or girlfriend can"t get enough Dad 76, there"s a stencil waiting to it is in carved.



Between the social phenomenon that wasPokemon Go and also the upcoming relax ofPokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Pokemon is basically everywhere. For this reason we would certainly be remiss in our duties if we didn"t incorporate some familiarpocket monsters to put on her pumpkin.

We might devote an entire slideshow to the amazingPokemonpumpkin carvings the fans have made, yet most of castle aren"t tasks meant for mere mortals. So for the rest of us, it"s tough to walk wrong through long-time mascot Pikachu and the adorable Mew. I, however, am rather partial to Gengar carvings choose the one below.


Cuphead Portraits

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Even prior to it introduced in late September, Cupheadsparked a the majority of conversation amongst gamers everywhere. From its unique and cartoonish aesthetic to one journalist"s embarrassingly poor demo operation of the game,Cuphead has been among the many prominent video game releases in 2017.

With this pumpkin stencil, you can carry the familiar faces of this run-and-gun activity game to life. Even if it is you choose to carve the eponymous Cuphead or his brothers Mugman, trick-or-treaters will recognize that you"re a grizzled veteran who has actually (mostly) made it through the game"s punishing ceo battles and apparently impossible tutorial level.

If you"re lucky, this jack-o-lantern will certainly make certain the adversary doesn"t win your soul in a casino streak unable to do bad.


Dragon logo design & organize Banners (Skyrim)

WithSkyrim coming to basically every current-gen consolethis year, what much better way come celebrate than v some amazing Tamriel-inspired pumpkin carvings? girlfriend can choose to tout your status as the Dragonborn through the game"s top logo, or rep your favorite Skyrim hold with the suitable banner.

A fast Google find will give you perfect stencils for every organize emblem in the game. Just keep in mind that if you carry out decide come carve your hometown flag, you"ll desire to double-check the stencil and also make sure you don"t need to invert the architecture (read: cut out the white parts, not black) to save your pumpkin intact.

Guardian logo (Destiny)

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If girlfriend suit up to be a Guardian in her spare time, climate you"re certainly going to want to sport someDestiny-themed pumpkins this Halloween -- that is, if you have the right to pull you yourself away from theDestiny 2 grind long enough to sit down and carve a jack-o-lantern.

There aren"t plenty of stencils floating roughly for specific character models, but the iconicDestinylogo is simple enough to make the perfect pumpkin carving. Let her Light shine and ward off any kind of roaming alien races on every Hallow"s Eve v this pumpkin design -- or celebrate the late relax ofDestiny 2 top top PC!


Silhouette, Solaire, and more (Dark Souls)

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In situation playing the actual games wasn"t a masochistic sufficient experience because that you, there room lots ofDark Souls stencils that you have the right to frustratingly try to replicate ~ above a pumpkin this Halloween. It"s the perfect means to remind you yourself of what friend love most around DarkSouls front of theAshes of Ariandellaunch.The carving over is adapted from the actual box art, but we"ve connected a stencil that is very comparable and much easier to execute.

If you desire to recreate specificDark Souls characters, though, over there are numerous patterns for that too. This Capra Demon stencilis only recommended for goat-headed carvers with accessibility to demonic machetes. If that"s not quite your speed, possibly a black color Knight patternwill be able to stand as much as the burning (candle) fire within.

But our favoriteDark Souls pumpkin depicts the Jolliest the Cooperators, Solaire. Utilizing this stencil, you can quite literally assist Solaire end up being the many grossly glow carving around.


Master cook (Halo)

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You might have donned a master Chief costume during Halloweens past, however now you can emblazon a pumpkin through the likeness of MCPON John-117. (Because there"s naught quite favor a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier come ward off angry spirits, right?)

Whether you"re act a gamertastic couple"s costume featuring the Chief and Cortana, or you"re simply trying come let the flood of trick-or-treaters recognize whose door they"re knocking on, this pumpkin carving stencil will recapture the silent, faceless strength of the iconicHalo character and also bring it to your doorstep.

Companion Cube and also Stickman (Portal)

The cake could be a lie, however these carvings space pretty legit. Even if it is you desire to develop the iconic Companion Cube or lug life tothe misadventures that Stickman, thesePortal stencils have to do the trick.

But there are many other inter-spacial draft you can use to remind ghosts and also errant trick-or-treaters come watch wherein they step, lest they fall through the an extremely fabric of space. Give eager children false hope with a jack-o"-lantern that guarantees cake. Or check out this two-pumpkin teleporting Stickman style for a good front porch display that have the right to be made also morePortal-tastic with orange and blue LED lights.

Cloud Portrait (Final Fantasy VII)

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If you"re eagerly awaiting that upcoming Final Fantasy VIIremake, this is certainly the pumpkin pattern for you come carve while girlfriend wait for Square Enix to provide the reboot an actual release date. (On second thought, you"ll probably want come carve a couple of hundred of this to pass the time til then.)

Featuring Cloud"s spiky blond hair hair before the series" characters adopted a much more realistic look, this pumpkin carving stencil pays homage come the iconic character style of Tetsuya Nomura. Eerily enough, the design likewise captures Cloud"s intense presence of personality -- particularly with that thousand-yard stare.

Big dad (Bioshock)

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Now that the BioShock Collection has actually released and permitted us to relive the (somewhat glitchy) glory of the sci-fi franchise, we can go ago to putting big daddies and little sisters on our pumpkins without feeling behind the times.

Bring a small extra Rapture into your life through this big Daddy stencil. If you desire to go the extra mile and make her carving really feeling authentic, you deserve to use LEDs rather of a classic candle to mimic your mood-indicating helmet lights. Just set them on red once those annoying teenage ghouls come hanging around your door.

It"s-A Me! Mario! (Super Mario Bros.)

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This list wouldn"t count without a timeless classic.No issue how plenty of Halloweens pass, Mario will constantly be a an excellent go-to pumpkin design. Our favorite Italian plumber is no stranger come ghosts, and he"s spent a fair amount the time wandering roughly haunted mansions -- for this reason he"s no stranger to the haunts that can abide on every Hallow"s Eve.

If you"ve acquired some friend (or justmore pumpkins) you can additionally carve other familiarMario characters like Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Boo, and also Wario by discovering the full line of stencils accessible over in ~ Zombie Pumpkins.

Mega Man Portrait

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It"s been years because we"ve actually checked out a newMega Man game, however that doesn"t typical he isn"t still among the most recognizable personalities Capcom ever before made. V over 11 main collection games and 50+ spinoff gamings under his belt, this robotic protagonist has definitely earned a location on your porch this Halloween.

Whether you"re playing with the recently released Mega Man legacy Collection 2or tho enjoying few of the original games on Nintendo, PlayStation, and also other consoles, thisMega guy portrait will lug some android action to a night filled through ghosts, goblins, and also other spooks.

Tri-Force & link Portrait (Legend the Zelda)

Download The Tri-Force Stencil!

Breath the the Wild might be a few months old now, but that doesn"t average you can"t gain a littleLoZ quality this Halloween.

The Triforce is perhaps one of the many iconic symbols in every one of gaming. By carving this design, gamers of any type of kind will instantly acknowledge your porch together a geek-friendly zone. And also you might even tempt theever-elusive (but hotly debated) female link to your doorstep.

If you"re up because that a little an ext of a challenge, friend can try carving the challenge of the beloved protagonist himself. This stencil native Jammin" Pumpkins will an outcome in the amazing Link-o"-lantern pictured below. You"ll have to sign up v the website to accessibility it, however there are numerous other an excellent designs easily accessible that need to make it worth her while because that Halloweens to come.


Vault young (Fallout)

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Although it"s to be a when sinceFallout 4hit store shelves, it"s never ever to late to revisit the Wasteland and also give a big thumbs up tonuclear apocalypse.

The version of Vault young pictured over is a little bit more complex than the finished variation of the linked stencil, mostly because there"s a most extra shading and pumpkin-shaving involved. But the stencil variation of Vault Boy will still have actually that wonderful, irradiated glow by the moment you"re done v him.

If you desire to rep your favorite Brotherhood, you deserve to do the too. This Brotherhood of stole stencil will provide you the kickass carving pictured below.


Ezio Portrait (Assassin"s Creed)

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WithAssassin"s Creed: Origins releasing simply a couple of days before Halloween this year, it"s a perfect time come showcase her love because that the franchise by carving the likeness of the series" iconic assassins right into a pumpkin. (Just don"t break your hidden knives doing it.)

The stencil above showcases Ezio -- the Renaissance assassin who appeared inAssassin"s Creed II,Assassin"s Creed: Brotherhood,and Assassin"s Creed: Revelations.Though you might opt because that a style featuring protagonist Desmond Miles, this progenitor of the Assassin heat is far an ext recognizable in his well known pointed hood. And the concealed Blade ~ above his wrist yes, really drives the whole architecture home.

Colossus (Shadow that the Colossus)

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The critical Guardianfinally released previously this year to decent an essential acclaim. So this Halloween, why no revisit the game that influenced it all:Shadow that the Colossus.This to mark stencil outlines an above shot indigenous the game.

While there space no "official" (read: pumpkin-specific) stencils to job-related with for her carving, there space plenty of images you have the right to use just fine. The stencil linked over is probably your finest bet, however this sports -- which has trees and is doing not have the horse -- is a great alternative.

Papyrus the Skeleton (Undertale)

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Try and also recreate the magic that the sleeper fight RPG that took united state all by storm. The basic aesthetic ofUndertale provides it an ideal game to version some kickass pumpkin piece after.

This carving of Papyrus pond his toothy grin and anatomically impossible (yet expressive) eyebrows. Probably you can finish the project by dressing up in among the assorted costumes the he dons throughout the food of the game.

If you desire to try something a little more complex, though, you have the right to use this stencil come recreate Flowey -- the kill-or-be-killed antagonist the the game. Keep in mind, though, that this will call for some shading as you carve. The center of Flowey"s petals can not be cut out entirely, or you"ll shed the face features. Instead, you"ll need to very closely shave this component down so that light shines through, but his expression is still intact.


Marcus Fenix Portrait (Gears of War)

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As the very first protagonist that theGears that War series, Marcus Fenix is truly the face of this beloved third-person shooter franchise. And also this pumpkin design features his steely gaze and also the no-nonsense expression he wears at usually all times. Behind Marcus" intimidating mug glows the eponymous equipment that defines the series" aesthetic.

If he deserve to defend every one of humanity indigenous the threat of the Locust Horde, then it"s a good bet this Marcus Fenix jack-o-lantern deserve to keep your house clear of mischievous ghouls and also wayward trick-or-treaters top top Halloween night.

Solid snake (Metal Gear)

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What far better way to ward off angry spirits than v the bone-chilling stare of Solid line from theMetal Gearseries? short of donning your own weapon-armed mecha, we can"t think that anything. And this pumpkin carving architecture is the perfect one to use if you want to catch this hardened veteran for your Halloween display.

Though there room some contempt more complicated designs because that this character floating about on Imgur, the one over is just easy sufficient that a family member beginner can execute it -- however detailed sufficient that it"s obvious whose eyes room glowing in her jack-o-lantern. Perhaps carving this design will aid pass the time while girlfriend wait for more information ~ above Hideo Kojima"s following masterpiece...

That wraps up our perform of the coolest gamer-friendly pumpkin carvings you can do yourself this Halloween! hope you"ve found some catalyst for your very own jack-o"-lanterns as the fateful night draws near.

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If you haven"t uncovered a costume yet, be sure to examine out our video clip game inspiredHalloween costumes, our guides to cosplaying your favorite horror characters, or our collection of last-minute costumesfor concepts that you have the right to throw together in no time.

Will you be carving any of these designs this Halloween? obtained other video game inspired stencils that are perfect for pumpkin carving? re-publishing your ideas (and any kind of finished photos) in the comment below!