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This t-shirt features the logo design for D. A. R. E., the drug Abuse Resistance education and learning program. The shirt reads Keeping children Off Drugs.Starting v elementary students, D. A. R. E. Looks for to stop the use of drugs through kids. Students authorize a pledge come not usage drugs, and then room able come graduate indigenous the program ready to resist the threats of medicine use!For any kind of present or past member of the D. A. R. E. Program, this Keeping kids Off Drugs challenge t-shirt is a should have!

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Small 17.5"(44cm) 28.5"(72cm)

*Bust or chest is excellent by doubling the broad measurement. *For full circumference of the waistline, double the waist measurement. *Due come the functional nature of our fabrics, enable one customs of sport from these measurements.

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