Clemson was in control, leading north Carolina 14-9 late in the 2nd quarter when, for factors unknown, punter Andy Teasdall decided to fake a punting on 4th-and-15 from the Clemson 30.

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Needless to say, that didn’t work.

Teasdall to be tackled after ~ a 4-yard run, and also Clemson coach Dabo Swinney got in a tirade the was same parts Jim McElwain and Will Muschamp.

Swinney grabbed his punter and began yelling. He followed him to the bench and continued yelling.

More footage of the Clemson punter gaining absolutely CHEWED the end by Dabo Swinney

— Aaron Dodson (
aardodson) December 6, 2015

Dabo Swinney rips right into Clemson punter ~ baffling fake punting decision

— SB✯Nation CFB (
SBNationCFB) December 6, 2015

Dabo Swinney giving his punter the BUSINESS.

— CBS sports CFB (
CBSSportsCFB) December 6, 2015

North Carolina took over at Clemson’s 34 and scored the go-ahead touchdown 4 plays later. Swinney was still screaming at Teasdall.

Meanwhile, Dabo is still yelling in ~ his punter. #GoHeels

— Paul A. Thompson (
PaulThompson) December 6, 2015

Dabo is going to shed his mind.

— Derek Tyson (
DerekTysonESPN) December 6, 2015

I don't think I've ever before seen a coach go off ~ above a player throughout a game quite prefer Dabo has actually been because that the past 10 mins. #UNCvsCLEM

— Jason B. (
jsnburns) December 6, 2015

OK Dabo we get it. Girlfriend didn't speak to the fake therefore nobody will certainly blame YOU. #UNCvsCLEM

— Gary Cannady (
gcannady) December 6, 2015

When a punter renders the decision to operation a fake ~ above their own you worthy an ear full from her coach.

— David Pollack (
davidpollack47) December 6, 2015

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