Dabo Swinney conceded that his team had actually some mistake on both offense and also defense Saturday against Syracuse, but praised their effort and solution in beating the Orange 47-21.

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Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney had to execute a twin take in the middle of his post-game interview Saturday.

\"I simply want to do sure, I'm at the right press conference here,\" Swinney request after being questioned about his teams power in a 47-21 win over Syracuse Saturday. \"We did success the game, ns think. Simply want come make certain I'm in the best spot. Girlfriend don't generally score 47 points if you don't have the ideal energy.\"

Swinney did concede that his team made some mistakes versus Syracuse, however it had actually nothing to carry out with the energy.

\"It's not power when girlfriend don't make a particular play or snap the round over the head, it's simply didn't execute,\" Swinney said. \"It's not straightforward to win, there's a the majority of teams out there that would have lost this game with the quantity of mistakes us made yet we won the video game by practically four touchdowns.\"



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With Clemson top 27-21, Mike Jones Jr. And also Bryan Breese converged ~ above Syracuse quarterback Rex Culpepper. Castle knocked the round away permitting Andrew Booth Jr. To scoop that up and run 21 yards for a touchdown.

\"Sometimes you acquire into some tight games and somebody procedures up and also makes a clever play to kind of acquire you going a little bit,\" Swinney said. \"That was absolutely a great play for united state and an excellent energy. The guys were excited about and excited to walk right earlier after that.\"

Despite the win, Swinney claimed there was negative stuff ~ above both urbanbreathnyc.comdes that the ball, yet was happy v the method both urbanbreathnyc.comdes responded.

\"A lot of of good things, that will be an excellent teachable things. We placed ourselves in harm's way with several of the things that we have not done,\" Swinney said. \"But to be a tiny sloppy and still victory a game by 26 points says a lot about the character of your team.\"