We"ve rented because that a year and also a half in the Russian river area from D&G Equity. At any time anything has come up - a repair, a nature mishap, etc. - they have been an extremely prompt come respond automatically to remedy the situation. They space a good team to work-related with, respectful, clear and understanding. Give thanks to you D&G staff!

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Giving world some sort of a break and also not wanting such Perfection together as credit transaction scores and so on they look under upon us common Folk and if it to be the landlord the were renting the many of the properties the D&G manage an ext people would certainly be in a home and also not on the streets

D&G same Management is one of the largest and also oldest property management companies in Sonoma County. Locally owned and operated, D&G has actually a finish property management and also maintenance organization with the largest inventory that rentals, indigenous studios come custom houses in Sonoma County.

Operating together usual


840 Square foot riverfront upper-level Office an are next to Guerneville PlazaThree office spaces, conference room and private 1/2 bath every included. AllRooms room carpeted, waiting conditioning, main heating, organic light shared exterior balconyOffice spaces are situated at Hernandez Realty Co. Office building, upper level.High Visibility in the love of downtown GuernevilleOther businesses had in the area are The Russian river Chamber that Commerce,Hernandez Realty Co., clever Pizza, alcohol bar and office located is alongside the historical Guerneville go bridge.Throughout the summer there are several occasions held in the plazaAvailable NowRental price includes: yearly water charge, yearly drain charge, garbage, and also janitorial monthly chargesPlease call Michael DeProto ours corporate broker patent # CalBRE: 0066109 for additional information (707) 869-0808 ext. 103

16203 very first St. - C, Guerneville, CA 95446840 Square foot riverfront upper-level Office space next come Guerneville Plaza two office spaces, conference room and also private 1/2 bath all included. Every Rooms space carpeted, wait conditioning, main heating, natural light common exterior balcony Office spaces are located at Zephyr actual Estate office....

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pressdemocrat.comHere"s a perform of locals who are selling or giving away handmade towel masks throughout the pandemic.


dandgequity.comD&G Equity has been serving the property monitoring needs that the West Sonoma County neighborhood we speak to home for over 35 years! We have a significant responsibility in our neighborhood to carry out habitable and also safe housing to standard tenants. D&G to know the important duty of conscientious residential or commercial property manag...