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The passionate is transmittable in Wrigleyville together the Chicago Cubs prepare because that the playoffs.

A new fan parody video is walk viral almost everywhere the country.

Musician Joey Busse common his solemn event of the Cubs 103 victory season, set to the song of Charlie Puth and also Selena Gomez struggle “We Don’t speak Anymore.”

Twitter suspends Indiana Rep. Jim Banks’ official account after the misgenders federal government official

by associated Press / Oct 25, 2021

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Twitter exposed an Indiana congressman’s main account after removing a post about a transgender Biden management official end a violation of the social media company’s rules.

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Twitter"s activity Saturday came after Republican Rep. Jim banks posted tweets critical week regardingDr. Rachel Levinebecoming the first openly transgender four-star officer in the U.S. Uniformed services. Levine is additionally the nation’s assistant secretary of health.


Child"s skeleton, abandoned siblings uncovered in home

by Jocelina Joiner, Nexstar Media wire / Oct 25, 2021
HOUSTON — A child"s skeleton remains and also three other youngsters who were supposedly abandoned were uncovered in a Texas apartment on Sunday, authorities said.

The Harris ar Sheriff’s Office said a 15-year-old dubbed to report his 9-year-old brother had actually been dead for a year and was inside the home. The teenager told authorities that his deceased brother remained in the room alongside his.


‘Should we setup on one more Covid booster ~ 6 month of an initial booster?’ Dr. Murphy answers COVID-19 concerns 10/25

by WGN Web workdesk / Oct 25, 2021



Twitter suspends Indiana Rep. Jim Banks’ official account after he misgenders federal government official

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‘Should we plan on an additional Covid booster after 6 month of an initial booster?’ Dr. Murphy answer COVID-19 inquiries 10/25

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Alec Baldwin was mindful with guns before fatal shooting, crew member says

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