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after this homestand, I’ll have a an ext in-depth look at ticket prices and trends for the entire series against the Yankees, with aid (and charts!) indigenous BCBer life time Cubs Fan.

But as the collection sets to start Friday afternoon, I want to current some anecdotal notes on exactly how ticket pricing for this collection at Wrigley ar has looked, indigenous season-ticket pricing to exactly how things look together of this morning.

This refers only to bleacher ticket pricing; price on other sections can vary. (All numbers here are rounded off to the nearest dollar.)

This series was priced at the two greatest ticket levels for season-ticket holders. Friday and Sunday space “marquee” priced, at $77 every game, and also Saturday is in the brand-new “diamond” tier, at $88 every game.

Pricing increased drastically during the season-ticket holder presale. Friday tickets to be going for $100, Saturday for $144.

There room still tickets easily accessible at cubs.com together of Friday morning because that all 3 games. Including all fees, a bleacher ticket for Friday’s game is $153, Saturday is $165 and also Sunday is $120.

These prices are much higher than what you will do it pay top top StubHub, though.

Checking StubHub pricing Friday morning, girlfriend can gain a bleacher ticket for Friday’s game for around $52, Saturday for about $76 and Sunday for roughly $58 (again, consisting of all fees).

You’d think the Cubs would drop prices so as to sell whatever unsold inventory castle have and also match, or come close come matching, StubHub prices.

One that the factors the StubHub prices have actually dropped so lot is the weather. Ns actually had actually someone say come me, “Why did they schedule the Yankees here so early in the year?”

Well, the Yankees need to be somewhere this weekend. It’s no as if the Cubs have first call or the only speak to on desirable series. True, the can be sunny and pleasant and in the 70s in beforehand May in Chicago, however if you’ve lived below long enough you know that these windy, chilly, lake-breeze 50s are more common this time that year.

So if you thinking around going to the game(s) this weekend (dress warm!), you can obtain into Wrigley field without breaking the bank.

As listed above, ok have much more detailed information on pricing in the Attendance clock coming up next week after ~ the homestand is over.

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