As we’ve seen v its spot notes, Crusader emperors II is a video game that, taken out of context, sound urbanbreathnyc.completely insane. The game’s forums are no different.

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Interesting sounding until you actually obtain into the game and work it out is a bombardment of end urbanbreathnyc.complex text boxes and a rampage of crazy UI windows.

mansonitefirefox says:

I heard Paradox work a UX male once, yet when he was late to work-related on the very first day castle just got hold of some blind primates to throw colour coded faeces in ~ a wall surface to style their gamings instead.

highperformance says:
getlemanj says:

Me too!!! however I think a many of civilization have a point in the it can be very inaccessible come those that haven’t played those form of games before. What helped me the most was playing online with someone together they go me v it. Also a video clip tutorial here and also there is necessary.

Great games and EUIV is a great one to begin off with if anyone is interested.

EU4’s UI is in reality pretty decent.

There’s certain no hand-holding, and also the best means to beat is through a friend guiding you and giving girlfriend heads-up on all the major mechanics like trade, conquest, diplomacy, then the young (but crushingly important) mechanics like attrition and also logistics (why did mine 100,000-man solid army disappear all of a sudden?!).

I think the urbanbreathnyc.complexity and interconnectedness of the mechanics are what do the point so punishingly inaccessible, but EU4’s acquired nothing ~ above CK2.

My friend and also I have actually just recently started analysing how funny several of the stuff we gamers speak when given no context. It started when he sent out me a message message: “I’m reasoning of conserving up and investing in a good quality spear, something that is quick and allows me come have range on mine enemies.”

I cracked up laughing at exactly how funny that would certainly be if who else check out that message. And also since the we’ve to be noticing just how crazy some of the shut we say is. Make me feel like starting a blog called something choose “shit gamers say” filled v out that context quotes (or hope someone else says it).

I studied the Church and also the crusades during my BA.

This ingredient is funny since it lacks context.

The actual stuff is even funnier.

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