Bride of the Swamp Monster

Muriel buys a necklace in ~ a save in which two pictures have the right to fit inside. She puts a picture of herself and Courage on one side, and also Eustace ~ above the various other side. After they leave the store, Eustace"s truck crashes right into a swamp. Muriel and Courage have to help push Eustace"s truck the end of the mud. Muriel loses her necklace in the swamp while advertise the truck. A swamp monster find it, opens it up, and looks in ~ Muriel"s picture. He think it"s his long lost bride swamp monster. He goes to the Bagge house and kidnaps her. He brings Muriel to the swamp in a wedding dress. Courage find the actual swamp bride and brings her earlier to him. Ship rescues Muriel. Find illustration on:

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ship the Cowardly Dog / S04E09 : Bride of the Swamp Monster Season 4, illustration 9 | Aired ~ above October 4, 2002 | TV-Y7 | 11 min. | Cartoon Network

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