State Department nation Reports on human Rights practices for 2016The 2016 country Reports on person Rights were released on Friday, in march 3, 2017.

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The complete texts deserve to be discovered here:https://www.state.gov/j/drl/rls/hrrpt/humanrightsreport/index.htm#wrapper

The text of Secretary that State Rex W. Tillerson’s preface to the reports is below:

Secretary’s Preface

Promoting person rights and democratic governance is a core element of U.S. Foreign policy. These worths form critical foundation that stable, secure, and also functioning societies. Standing increase for person rights and also democracy is not just a ethical imperative yet is in the finest interests that the United claims in make the world much more stable and secure. The 2016 Country Reports on person Rights Practices (The human being Rights Reports) demonstrate the united States’ unwavering commitment to advancing liberty, human being dignity, and worldwide prosperity.

This year marks the 41st year the room of State has actually produced annual Human legal rights Reports. The United says Congress mandated this reports to carry out policymakers v a holistic and accurate bookkeeping of human rights conditions in almost 200 countries and territories worldwide, including all member states of the joined Nations and also any nation receiving U.S. International assistance. The reports cover globally recognized separation, personal, instance civil, political, and also worker rights, as set forth in the global Declaration of human Rights and other global instruments.

The person Rights Reports reflect the concerted initiatives of ours embassies and also consulates to conference the most accurate info possible. Lock are all set by human being rights officers at U.S. Missions roughly the civilization who evaluation information available from a wide range of civil society, government, and also other sources. This reports represent thousands the work-hours as each nation team collects and analyzes information. The room of State strives to make the reports objective and also uniform in scope and also quality.

The human Rights Reports are used by the U.S. Legislative, Executive, and also Judicial Branches as a resource for shaping policy and guiding decisions, informing diplomatic engagements, and also determining the allocation the foreign help and security sector assistance. The human being Rights Reports are likewise used throughout the people to educate the occupational of human rights advocates, lawmakers, academics, businesses, multilateral institutions, and NGOs.

The room of State hopes these reports will help other governments, civil culture leaders, activists, and also individuals reflect ~ above the situation of person rights in their corresponding countries and work to promote accountability for violations and abuses.

Our values are our interests when it concerns human rights. The production of this reports underscores ours commitment come freedom, democracy, and also the human rights guarantee to all individuals roughly the world.

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I hereby transmit the department of State’s Country Reports on human being Rights methods for 2016 to the United states Congress.