The defending heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier encounters the guy from who he took the belt back in 2018, Stipe Miocic. In the 2nd time of asking DC will certainly look to protect the championship versus one the that the best heavyweight champions in UFC history.Knowing one another well, both inside and also outside the cage, this was constantly going to be an amazing fight. Through Cormier gift the former Strikeforce cool Prix Heavyweight champion. Prior to going ~ above to end up being both the light heavyweight and heavyweight champion the the UFC.

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Round One Begins

In a fairly tentative start, Cormier lands some solid kicks and punches ~ above Miocic. Visibly shower the former champion and setting up a solitary leg, together DC it s okay a good grip ~ above Stipe’s command leg and also lifts him over his head. Then slamming him come the floor and also into the half-mount position. Cormier continued to dominate, landing some tough punches and also riding the end the rest of the round on top

Round Two

Daniel is obtaining off his shots again and seems to be one action ahead that Stipe. Grabbing the hands climate landing some overhands and also straight punches. That tactic he supplied in the very first fight and also it appears to be functioning again together though DC doesn’t respect Stipe’s power, go him down and virtually landing at will.The pair are in close and exchanging blows, however Cormier is landing more consistently. Stipe lands several of his own yet doesn’t seem to have an answer for Cormier’s swarming tactic. DC is landing the more solid shots, yet he’s not having actually it every his own method either.

Round three

Stipe comes the end of his edge looking like a fighter that knows he has to do something different. Currently he starts come land much more consistently yet gets an additional eye poke native DC, that’s the second time! Cormier keeps marching forward together the two show up to be fighting in a call booth. Not giving one an additional any space, that shot because that shot up close and personal.Both men are pretty tired at this point and Stipe manages to secure a takedown. However Cormier easily pops ago up and lands another mix on a worn and also tired looking Miocic. Lock exchange some much more shots, finishing the round v a last flurry.

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Round Four and also Its done!

While Stipe Miocic starts the round v some pep in his step. Cormier currently looks quite tired and is taking some time come get back into this fight. And also it currently seems the previous champion has actually a brand-new tactic together he starts to land difficult left shots come DC’s body. V the first few looking hard as Cormier winces in pain.Stipe keeps putting it on and also is currently mixing up his punches, human body body head and also Cormier looks to be in trouble. He’s backing up as Stipe comes in v some more combinations, landing a lovely best hand that sends Daniel to the ground. Stipe follows up and also stops Cormier who is unable to reply, together ladies and gentlemen, we have a new champion.T: