The as whole lightness or darkness of an entire image.

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ContrastThe difference in between the darkest and also lightest areas of the image.
Solid FillBackground fill that consists of one color used transparent the whole slide.
Gradient FillBackground fill that is composed of one shade shade gradually progressing to one more shade the the same shade or one shade progressing to an additional color.
PictureBackground fill that uses a specific document or photo that simulates a material, such together cork, granite, marble, or canvas.
Texture FillBackground to fill that provides a specific paper or picture that simulates a material, such as cork, granite, marble, or canvas.
Pattern FillBackground fill the adds designs, such as dots or dashes, i beg your pardon repeat in rows across the slide.
TransparencyFill pattern that permits you to see v the background, therefore that any kind of text ~ above the slide is visible.
Tiling OptionBackground function that repeats the background image plenty of times vertically and also horizontally on the slide; the smaller the tiling percentage, the higher the variety of times the photo is repeated.
OffsetBackground function that enables you to move the background away from the slide boundaries in varying distances by percentage.
FillThe formatting the the inner of a shape, such together color, picture, texture, pattern, or the presentation background.
Transparency SliderFormatting feature that permits you to show the amount of opaqueness.
WordArtA collection of decorative effects permits you to include appealing visual aspects to a presentation.
OutlineWordArt function that to add an exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol.
EffectWordArt feature that helps include emphasis or depth come the characters, including impacts such as shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, and also 3-D rotations.
WeightThickness that an overview or line.
SynonymA word comparable in meaning.
ThesaurusA perform of synonyms and acronyms.

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Notes PagesCorresponding web page for every on slide that screens a decreased image of the slide in ~ the top and also a text placeholder below it for typing notes.