This week’s episode, licensed has been granted “I come Die, You come Live,” i m sorry is component of a quote claimed by the theorist Socrates, seems to gradually be setup its pace and also understanding what is and also what isn’t functioning for them.

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One point that works? chris Wood.

And no, this isn’t being said due to the fact that of how attractive that is. Ns honestly believe that Jake and Katie’s story is one of the much better ones in the display at the moment, and that’s probably because I feel prefer Jake is being collection up as the unsung hero.

He’s gift volun-told come take component in insane situations – favor going come find an additional victim the may have been to let go – and also he’s simply pissed off at Lex.

I recognize that Jake is a cop – it’s literally his job to be a hero, come run towards dangerous situations. However I additionally feel choose this might be an exception. This no a guy who can it is in tackled or handcuffed. This no anything tangible. They don’t also have a cure for this virus yet, and maybe i’m wrong, but that might throw anyone off your game.

Does the academy train on exactly how to deal with a violent outburst or quarantine? I deserve to understand why he is scared.

Point come Katie though because that calling the end his fury issues. Everyone scared. You don’t have to punch a wall.

But the factor why I find this story to it is in the most exciting is because of the evident character advance and potential OTP.

When Jake announces, albeit awkwardly, the he’s going to remain at the hospital v Katie to aid with the kids, it shows that probably he isn’t simply an angry, scared cop. Possibly he can be more. Probably he have the right to be the hero because that the people in the cordon, prefer Lex is come the people outside.

It’s noticeable there’s some tension there and also my fangirl heart really hopes it’s romantic, however I execute want this come play out properly. I want a sluggish burn… and I don’t desire these two personalities to just gain together because they’ve been in a hospital quarantine for 24 hours.

Speaking the Lex, he may not it is in the most exciting character however he’s absolutely in the facility of the situation. That nice to check out him talk to Jana and try to store her calm, yet one that the finest scenes needs to be as soon as he speak her that he can’t tell she everything.

And through ‘everything,’ he method he can’t tell her the he’s just uncovered out the everyone in ~ the fences will not be lugged out.

It’s expected that castle die.

This is just Day 2… and also it seems favor by day 13 yes an uproar that protesting and the police do actually go in – so it’s exciting to see how all of this will certainly pan out.

My bet is on Xander being the begin of it. With Teresa inside, and Xander wanting to be through her, I deserve to see him disturbing the peace (whatever is left the it), to acquire to her, and if that finds out that the plan is to leave her in there, the could certainly ignite some objection.

“I to Live, You come Die” absolutely progressed the storyline for the display rather quickly. City hall Teresa’s friends obtain put into a containment cell is one of the scene that certainly leaves girlfriend uneasy and also some that the personalities have arisen quite a bit.

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However, the show still hasn’t uncovered its footing simply yet. Jana is still quite unnecessary, and also I really carry out wonder what is the suggest of Bert and also Michiline. I would choose to view some other events take ar as well… or will the whole season just be our personalities hiding out in uneventful buildings?

Only time will certainly tell.

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