What were some similarities and differences between the French and the Spanish swarms in the Americas?

French swarms in the Americas had tendency to be much smaller than the Spanish colonies. The Spanish were involved with setup up feudalistic holdings in their swarms and completely exploiting indigenous labor. The French normally took a lighter approach. Lock sent much fewer colonists across the Atlantic and also were an ext concerned with establishing and maintaining advertisement ties with indigenous peoples. Both realms were involved with spreading the Catholic faith in the Americas, but they also went about this differently.

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starting in the sixteenth century, but really choose up heavy steam in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Spanish and the French greatly expanded their overseas colonies in the Americas. If there to be some aspects of imperialism the they shared, the differences were more pronounced.

Both the Spanish and also the French...

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Starting in the 16 century, but really picking up heavy steam in the seventeenth and also eighteenth centuries, the Spanish and the French greatly expanded their overseas colonies in the Americas. While there to be some aspects of imperialism the they shared, the differences were much more pronounced.

Both the Spanish and also the French to be Catholic empires. Together such, there to be a large missionary facet to their early american efforts. Spanish and French missionaries were developed throughout their swarms with the goal of converting the indigenous populations. Because that the Spanish, this was regularly done v coercive means, and whole neighborhoods were sometimes forcibly carried into the faith. The French, top top the other hand, often tended to be much less forceful about finding converts. French missionaries would seek out Indigenous neighborhoods that to be responsive come their message and set up goals within those communities.

Overall, when the Spanish come in a brand-new territory, they quickly set about implementing their strategy of total conquest. Totality populations were enslaved or compelled into the encomienda system. They labored to extract the resources of the brand-new World come be sent out to Spain to enrich the Crown. To accomplish this, European-style feudal chateaus were set up and also many brand-new cities and also towns were started to resemble those in Europe.

For your part, the French were much less interested in establishing huge urban centers and also landholdings. While they did create some larger cities modeled after people in Europe, such together Quebec and brand-new Orleans, they were an ext interested in setting up helpful commercial and also trading relationships v the indigenous populations. The French were particularly interested in the hair trade and maintained trading alliances with various tribes to manipulate this.

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As you might imagine, the more total conquest by the Spanish compelled many more European settlers than the French design did. That is estimated that 1.86 million Spaniards settled in the American nests during the early american period. The French, however, retained a comparatively small populace of homesteaders in north America. For instance, at its height, French Quebec just had around 70,000 French settlers. An exemption to this lighter method to imperialism was in the Caribbean. There, the French completely colonized numerous islands and established large plantations reliant on servant labor. In this region, French colonization more closely resembled the Spanish model.