1.A ____ check tests data items come verify the they fall in between a specifiedminimum and also maximum value.

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3.____ interaction describes the relationship in between computers and also people whouse lock to carry out business-related tasks.
4.Companies use assorted ____ methods to maintain output integrity and security.For example, every report should encompass an ideal title, report number orcode, printing date, and also time period covered.
6.When creating a report, you have to prepare a sample report, i m sorry is dubbed a____, for individuals to review.
10.A ____ is a particularly formatted digital audio paper that deserve to be downloaded byInternet individuals from a range of contents providers.
12.Output ____ protects privacy rights and shields the organization"s proprietarydata native theft or unauthorized access.
13.Once data is entered, the agency should store source documents in a safelocation for some specified size of time follow to their ____ policy.
14.After a report style is approved, you should file the architecture by producing areport ____ form, which has information about the fields, data species andlengths, and report frequency.
15.The main part of the form, dubbed the ____ zone, commonly takes up at the very least halfof the space on the form and has captions and areas because that entering variabledata.
18.An automatically facsimile or ____ system permits a customer to inquiry a fax usinge-mail, via the company Web site, or by telephone.
19.A ____ inspect improves input top quality by trial and error the data and also rejecting any type of entrythat fails to meet specified conditions.
20.A ____ workstation is a network terminal the supports a full-featured userinterface, but limits the print or copying of data, other than to particular networkresources that deserve to be monitored and controlled.
21.Sensitive data deserve to be coded, in a process called ____, so only users withdecoding software have the right to read it.
22.A well-known security solution is the usage of a network based application, oftencalled a ____, that controls accessibility to and also from workstation interfaces.
24.Good type ____ makes the type easy to complete and provides sufficient space, bothvertically and horizontally, for individuals to enter the data.
25.____ is often used by big firms to scan and store photos of originaldocuments to provide high-quality records management and archiving.
26.Using ____ input, data entry normally is performed on a specified time schedule,such together daily, weekly, monthly, or longer.
27.Every page should incorporate a page ____, which appears at the top of the page andincludes the obelisk headings that determine the data.
29.Although the vast bulk of reports space designed graphically, some systemsstill develop one or more character-based reports that usage a character collection with____ spacing.
31.A ____ check is performed on 2 or much more fields come ensure the they areconsistent or reasonable when considered together.
33.A ____ explains how users connect with a computer system system, and consists the allthe hardware, software, screens, menus, functions, output, and also features thataffect two-way communications in between the user and also the computer.
34.A ____ record is a form used come request and also collect intake data, create orauthorize an input action, and carry out a document of the original transaction.
35.In addition to built-in architecture tools, famous software packages such together ____Reports offer an effective features that help designers transaction withprofessional-level architecture issues throughout the enterprise.
36.The ____ zone has codes, identification information, numbers, and also datesthat are supplied for storing perfect forms.
37.Database programs such as Microsoft access include a range of report designtools, including a ____, i beg your pardon is a menu-driven attribute that designers can useto develop reports quickly and also easily.
40.A sales manager can want come know full sales because that each sales representative,but not desire a detail report listing every sale made by them. In the case, a____ report is appropriate.
41.A regulate break typically causes details actions, such together printing subtotals fora team of records. That type of detail report is referred to as a ____ report.
42.Companies use various ____ methods to keep output integrity and also security.For example, every report should incorporate an suitable title, report number orcode, printing date, and time period covered.
43.Data ____ is the process of manually beginning data into the information system,usually in the form of keystrokes or mouse clicks.
45.Data ____ policies and also procedures safeguard data from loss or damage, i m sorry is avital score in every organization.
46. Great interface designis based partially on ____, which provides the to work structure required tocarry the end the style objectives.
47.When creating data entry screens, administer an on-screen instruction to letusers know the day format, and administer an example if the user must enter ____.
48.A crucial physical architecture element is the ____, which describes how customers interactwith a computer system system.
50.In larger systems, regularly the user user interface mainly included ____-controlscreens that allowed a user to send commands to the system.
52.Initial display designs deserve to be presented to individuals in the kind of a(n) ____,which is a lay out that shows the general display layout and design.

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C: is carry out on twoor an ext fields to ensure the they are constant or reasonable as soon as consideredtogether
54.In a data entry screen a(n) ____ is a regulate feature the is used to representon or turn off status and also switches to the various other status once clicked.
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