around One Headlight

"One Headlight" is a song by American rock tape The Wallflowers. The track was composed by command singer Jakob Dylan, and produced through T-Bone Burnett. It was released in November 1996 as the 2nd single indigenous the band"s 2nd studio album, Bringing under the Horse. Dylan has said that the track is around "the fatality of ideas."The tune is noteworthy for being the an initial single to with number one ~ above all three of Billboard"s absent airplay charts: the contemporary Rock tracks chart, the Mainstream absent Songs chart and the Adult different Songs chart. "One Headlight" likewise peaked at number one in Canada for 5 weeks. In 2000, the tune was provided at number 58 top top Rolling rock and MTVs perform of "100 greatest Pop songs of every Time".more »

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So long ago, ns don"t mental whenThat"s when they say I lost my just friendWell they stated she died easy the a damaged heart diseaseAs i listened with the cemetery treesI seen the sun comin" up at the funeral in ~ dawnThe long damaged arm of human being lawNow it constantly seemed such a waste, she always had a nice faceSo ns wondered just how she hung around this placeHey, come on try a littleNothing is foreverThere"s gained to it is in something much better thanIn the middleBut me and also CinderellaWe put it all togetherWe deserve to drive the homeWith one headlightShe stated it"s coldIt feels like freedom DayAnd i can"t break far from this paradeBut there"s obtained to be an openingSomewhere below in former of meThrough this maze the ugliness and also greedAnd I checked out the sun up ahead at the county line bridgeSayin" all there"s great and nothingness is deadWe"ll run till she"s out of breathShe ran till there"s nothin" leftShe struggle the end, it"s simply her home window ledgeHey, come on shot a littleNothing is foreverThere"s got to be something better thanIn the middleBut me and also CinderellaWe put it all togetherWe can drive the homeWith one headlightWell this location is oldIt feels just like a beat increase truckI revolve the engine, however the engine doesn"t turnWell the smells that cheap wine, cigarettesThis location is always such a messSometimes i think I"d choose to clock it burnI"m for this reason alone and also I feel similar to somebody elseMan, i ain"t changed, yet I recognize I ain"t the sameBut somewhere right here in between the city walls of dyin" dreamsI think the death, it need to be killin" meHey, hey hey come on shot a littleNothing is foreverThere"s gained to it is in something far better thanIn the middleBut me and also CinderellaWe placed it every togetherWe deserve to drive that homeWith one headlight

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The Wallflowers The Wallflowers is a rock tape from Los Angeles, California, fronted by Jakob Dylan.

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Formed in 1989 and also originally known as The Apples, the ensemble has actually gone through many personnel changes however focuses top top Dylan, Rami Jaffee and also Greg Richling. More »