Some would say the Colt 1991A1 and the Colt Series 70 are as various as night and day. The purpose of this test wregarding determine just how discomparable these 2 self-defense firearms really are.

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This Series 70 featured an arched mainspring housing and brief create. The arched mainspring housing seems to organize the muzzle greater, and also this led to faster combat hits. The pistol did not demand also a break-in period, as was common via original Colt pistols. The slide soptimal was noticeably tighter than on the 1991A1, and also so was the barrel bushing. The firing pin soptimal was not just tight, tbelow was a dimple at the base to proccasion the slide sheight from falling. This was when a common problem through well-worn GI pistols. We have never checked out this on one more factory gun. The various 1991A1 and Series 80 pistols perform not have this dimple.

In combat shooting, a lot of of our shooters sassist that the arched mainspring housing offered better control than the 1991A1, and combined with a brief create recollection, the pistol ran better in rapid-fire strings. Tright here was a well-characterized shorter travel to push the cause and also to accomplish reset. The consensus is that the lengthy trigger and flat mainspring real estate are even more targain functions than combat features. All in, the Series 70 pistol showed high-grade fit and complete and feeds modern-day ammunition without hesitation. Good sights make it easy to align on tarobtain also.

In firing off the bench, few shooters realize that excellent quality grips (stocks, grip panels) will certainly help straight fire and store the hand in area to center the sights. The stocks of the Series 70 execute so much better than the 1991A1, in our check out. When firing off the bench, yet, the 1991A1 provided the impression of higher comfort. Perhaps the arched real estate of the Series 70 drove the palm right into the grip safety and security tang? It wasn’t a large deal, but the sensation was something that the raters agreed upon.

The Series 70 was narrowly the even more exact handgun, with a ideal group of 2.2 inches via the Asym 185-grain JHP. Even after fitting Bar-Sto Precision grips on the 1991A1, the agreement stayed the same.

We need to stress that the Series 70 isn’t a true reproduction of previously models, yet is rather a considerably enhanced pistol over the original. As an example, the barrel bushing isn’t the collett type and also verified slightly tighter than the 1991A1. The activity does not have a half-cock notch, as was the situation through the 1970s Colt. The brand-new Colt action, start via the Series 80, provides a shelf in the hammer quite than notch. This shelf will still catch the hammer if you slip while cocking the pistol. If the pistol is slightly cocked and the trigger pressed, the hammer will loss from this shelf, yet not fire. In the original action, tbelow was a condition dubbed false fifty percent cock, which would certainly enable the hammer to fall from fifty percent cock if the trigger were pressed. We are glad that the Series 70 has the new action.

When field-stripping the pistol, we provided that the firing pin is a Series 80-style piece, with the notch for the firing pin block. This provides sense for Colt, so be specific as soon as ordering parts, you identify in between an older Series 70 and the new one.

Our Team Said: The current Series 70 is not a copy of the original Series 70. The grips are superior, and so are the sights. The Series 70 in its current version is a nice carry gun, precise, trustworthy and also pleasing to look at. In quick combat shooting, it appears to have an benefit over the 1991A1. The 1991A1 prices less, is equally trusted, virtually as accurate, and functions a scalloped ejection port. The firing-pin block was not prrange in our tests to be worth worrying about, and also may be an excellent principle in a true hard-usage handgun. In our see, the 1991A1 is the much better buy as a worksteed handgun, and also it would certainly be the pistol to go to war through this particular day.

But the Series 70 caters to a discriminating crowd, and if you consider it closely, the no-frills shooter is paying more for the Series 70 to have some points deleted. Our shooters provided the nod to the Series 70 in this head-to-head match-up.

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Written and also photographed by R.K. Campbell, making use of evaluations from Gun Tests team testers.